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New Trailer for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal Shows Shadow and Metal Sonic

As you could expect from the Sonic Boom event, a new trailer for the TV show isn’t the only new Sonic thing that got revealed today. SEGA also showed a new trailer showing gameplay and cutscenes from both upcoming Sonic Boom games: Rise of Lyric for Wii U and Shattered Crystal for 3DS.
The most notable thing this trailer shows is more of Shadow and Metal Sonic, who appear in both games as either bosses or rivals to race against. Also it has overly dramatic music and an ancient evil because why not.

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    Yeah, that was a little overdramatic.
    Still…I think the Wii U has promise, the 3DS might do well enough, and both seem to have the promise of an in-depth story, something the franchise has been sorely lacking for the past several games, so it’ll be nice to have that much at the very least.
    I’m very curious to see how Shadow, Metal, and Lyric all fit together at any rate. I don’t think they’re all there just because.

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    At least *he* hasn’t been tarnished by front-mouth… so derpy-looking.

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    Seems interesting…

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