Monday Links: Back Due To No Demand Edition

Yup, after half a year it’s been decided to make Monday Links a thing again. Many board meetings at the Sonic Retro HQ were held to discuss the return of this beloved (?) weekly (???) feature, and we finally decided that it’s probably not worth our time. Then we realized that handling a Sonic news fansite in this day and age isn’t really worth our time either, and that there really hasn’t been any point to anything we’ve put up on this front page for years now. So with that taken into consideration, Monday Links has returned after all, cause really it’s not any less pointless than anything else on the front page.
Retro News

SEGAbits News

Sonic/SEGA News

Other Stuff

Video of the Week

Special thanks to Cinossu for the header image.

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    i’m glad this is back, also you know have demand

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      It mostly takes a long time to create these. Although, we welcome the community to fire us some interesting goings-on to our twitter account. We only have so much time and eyes around the scene ourselves and we know we miss things, but just tweet us a “hey, this is pretty cool” with a bit of info or a link. Not a DM though, since not everyone has log in access to the account.
      Honestly, that’s how I found out about Sonic XG getting an update (excited!) and through a small report on Sonic United. I’ll just go ahead and link them here too to give them a little loving. http://sonicunited.org/2014/09/08/fourth-sonic-xg-preview-released/

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    The Surface Pro 2 plays Sonic Generations quite super duper awesomely.

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    (merge Retro’s news with SegaBits)

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      I actually separated them because Retro news usually comes from the community, while SEGAbits news comes from features by the site’s staff. I don’t want one of the two to take away attention from the other.

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