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PAX Prime 2014: Amy Gets Kidnapped In This New Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal Trailer

While we got a new trailer for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric during Gamescom, we’ve gotten one for series’ handheld entry Shattered Crystal from PAX Prime. This trailer primarily shows off the game’s CG cutscenes, which shows Amy being kidnapped by Lyric, along with small snippets of gameplay showcasing a variety of levels.

And like how Metal Sonic popped up at the end of the Rise of Lyric trailer, Shadow makes an appearance in this one. Unlike Metal Sonic, his design has been affected somewhat by Sonic Boom’s style. It also seems like he has a new voice, because who cares about consistency anyway?

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    New voice for Shadow? I thought he was still voiced by Kirk Thorton. Sounds the same to me, except kinda better…? Eh, I stopped caring about whether Shadow’s current voice actor is good or not. Besides, the non-genuine way Sonic says his lines and Amy’s apathetic nature just kinda kills any seriousness that her kidnapping scene tried to have. “But hey, even when Sonic’s game is facing certain doom, he still looks good.”

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    Whats the score between Amy and Peach getting kidnapped?

    I think Peach is still winning, but lost track after 70 billion.

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    No, that’s still Kirk Thornton. I can tell. It seems like he responded to the criticism of his performance in Generations and is taking a different approach this time, like how Amy’s VA dropped the Minnie Mouse schtick.

    Also GOD THOSE CUTSCENES ARE HORRIBLE. What in the blue hell is wrong with Amy’s mouth?

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      I know, right? Everything looks very high quality BUT SUDDENLY Amy’s mouth (everyone’s mouth really) starts moving and it makes her looks like a zombie! I think the problem is that their 3D models were designed with their mouths in the middle. It can work, I mean, just look at the Olympic Games games. It certainly doesn’t look GREAT there, but it looks miles better than this. From what it looks like, these cut-scenes are trying to give Sonic and friends actual jaw bones, but it clearly isn’t working. Sadly, I don’t think a blunder like this can be fixed with the time they have left.

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    Kinda ironic as Big Red Button wanted to make Amy more independent and we haven’t seen her getting kidnapped since Sonic Adventure, thank you Sonic but our hedgehog is in another lab!

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      Well, she was turned into a card in Sonic Rivals along with a whole bunch of other characters, but let’s be honest… there ain’t no one who remembers Rivals.

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    Yeah, that’s still the same voice actor for Shadow; I can still hear the “yew’ve got this Sonnack!” tone in it, but THANK HEAVENS it seems to be much more subdued and a little more like traditional Shadow voice acting we’ve been familiar with in the past. It definitely seems that the voice acting is at least one thing Sonic Boom’s been getting right, largely.

    The 3DS looks like it MAY have improved in quality since the last showcasing, but I have to admit I’m still not that impressed with what I see; much more interested in the Wii U version, suggesting the trend of the 3DS version of Sonic games being just the second best continues.

    I’m starting to like Boom’s approach to Amy’s character, despite the stereotypical kidnapping. She seems snarky.

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    Well at least Amy matured from being a sonic fan girl to being a serious hero for once. Also Shadow almost sounds like Turtles from Dragon Ball Z.

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