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Visual Memories: Digging through Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2’s DLC

Back in the late 90’s, Dreamcast owners could hop online via their console to surf the web and download various things to their VMU including free DLC. That’s right, not only did SEGA offer DLC in the late 90’s, it was free! Continuing our Sonic 23rd birthday celebrations, Liam aka TrackerTD of the SEGAbits This Is Saturn YouTube series put together this great showcase of most of the DLC offered in Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2. Celebrate New Years, the Dreamcast launch, Halloween, and more in the many fun additions made to these memorable Sonic titles.

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    There also exist ISOs you can find on the internet that put all of these DLC (and many many more) on a handy loader that you can burn and run on most Dreamcasts to install them onto your VMU.

    It’s the only way to get Shadow’s Theme in SA2, since it was never officially released.

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      There’s descriptions of the DLC on the Sonic Retro wiki, but no downloads, probably because MediaWiki can’t handle the split VMI/VMS format correctly.

      Interestingly, the Shadow DLC’s icon appears to have a gray background, but I seem to recall the version I got years ago had a blue background (i.e. hacked Sonic DLC).

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      …and it turns out the DLC files are actually available, just on a separate page:

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        Yeah, the process could use a little streamlining. I imagine it’s an artifact of the wiki constantly evolving, like how there’s a whole page dedicated to prototype versions of songs in the games.

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      Well, the more you know!

      Going to have to look into this actually, it’d be good to do a follow up to this with the other pieces of DLC, and I’d be up for it. Cheers!

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    Another tip is that SA1 DLC that lets you set the voice of the menu theme announcer. Much like how SADX chooses it based on the last character you played, you can include a character file and the game will exclusively use that one.

    Mine is set to Eggman.

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      Yeah, I was going to touch on that along with the SA2 themes… but it slipped my mind. Oops.

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      Bonus factoid: The normal menu theme announcer is Lani Minella.

      …who also voices Rouge and Omochao in SA2.

      So technically, SA1 has Rouge and Omochao themes. :V

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    Uh yes, I remember those dlc I believe I still have some of them installed on my VMU, including the extra kart racing tracks and the themes!

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