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Sonic Lost World Moves 640k, SEGA Gets Lots Of Rings


Now that the fires caused by Sonic Boom‘s unveiling have begun to simmer, SEGA’s financial report reveals Sonic Lost World did okay. The combination of both the Wii U and 3DS versions shipped a total of 640,000 units by Dec. 31, 2013, marking it as the company’s second most successful boxed title behind Football Manager 14.

The company noted however that, in the nine-month span of packaged software shipments, the consumer business side still did not return expected total sales numbers due to “a harsh market environment,” yielding only 6.31 million total games moved. Favorable performance was indicated for Phantasy Star Online 2 and mobile games such as PUYOPUYO Quest and CHAIN CHRONICLE.

The bulk of SEGA’s gain came not only from its Pachinko machines, but from selling investment securities and non-current assets.  This garnered them a whopping 44.3 billion yen, or about $434 million. As a reminder, this is after factoring their 14 billion yen expense to purchase Index back in November.

While this may not seem like the most exciting news, it is at least good to see SEGA floating on some decent cash. Given the Wii U’s humdrum state the last year, Lost World‘s low return isn’t surprising. Perhaps Boom will prove more successful? Let’s just hope it includes a cameo from our new favorite purple mascot, Zazz.

[Source: SEGA-Sammy (1) (2)]

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    Did they even put out that many boxed games worldwide last year? That’s a huge downgrade from the nearly 2 million combined sales of Colors a game that didn’t have much marketing or agreement with Nintendo.

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      Colors sold 1.65 million on a console with over 100 million install base.
      Lost World, on the other hand, sold 0.64 million in a console with 4.5 million install base.
      Just think of the staggering difference in the size of the install base, and not to mention the sub-par reviews it received, and Lost World sales start to sound pretty good.

  • Reply

    Broken fanbase, small sales.

  • Reply

    PSO2 fan servers still aren’t a thing yet?

  • Reply

    Awesome, I don’t care what others think of the game I think it was awesome!

  • Reply

    That’s funny, some “other” site was reporting less than 200k sales in the same time period. I wonder why they would deliberately misrepresent a Nintendo exclusive?

    *sarcasm sign*

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    Your math is wrong on translating JPY to USD (i.e. ¥44.3m ≈ $433k). Unless I am missing something?

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      Never write financials when about to go to bed. Should be billion, not million. One whole order of growth off! Thanks for pointing it out.

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    Did LW over break even?.
    3Q Package game business is flopped by Sonic Lost world.
    (because Football manager average sales is 600k, and other japan only title sales is solid)

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      Since they combined the numbers of Lost World into one, and the last ballpark number we have is that the Wii U version did about 200,000 by the end of November, it’s safe to say that either both versions did about the same or the 3DS version, having a larger install base and more demand, performed better than the Wii U version.

      Mind you, this is still conjecture.

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