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Kwanzaa Links: Christmas Edition

Yup, it’s almost Christmas. Meaning there’s Christmas stuff you can watch on TV,  the internet, your phone or some futuristic machine that hasn’t been invented yet that you’re reading this on at the moment. Or you could actually be spending time with your family or loved ones, because that’s a Christmas thing you can do. Anyway, this week Balena Productions made another Sonic Christmas cartoon, some of our staff did commentary on a different Sonic Christmas cartoon and cool music guy Falk made a thing. Also some other stuff including:

Retro/Bits news

Sonic/SEGA news

Other stuff

  • Space Dandy, a new anime from the maker of Cowboy Bebop, looks pretty great [Also it’s premiering first in the US]
  • Community is getting closer to actually having six seasons and a movie, with the fifth season starting in January [Trailer]
  • Christmas also means that there will be a new Doctor Who special, which will not only end Matt Smith’s run, but hopefully also episodes that are called “*Blank* of the Doctor” [Trailer]
  • Another Steam winter sale, another string of jokes about empty wallets and Gabe Newell. [Lots of savings and games and savings]

Video of the Week

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