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November 2013

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Yogscast DLC Revealed for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


S0L has been teasing a new controversial character to be added to the roster of the PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Nothing has been set in stone as of yet, but according to a recent stream from the Yogscast, one of UK’s top Youtube channels. Recently Yogscast revealed that they’re pushing for a new Humble Bundle that is currently not active, but reportedly has the racer as part of the deal, in addition to their livestream that they revealed not only the bundle, but that there is charity DLC on the way for the PC version. They didn’t reveal what exactly it is, but given S0L’s comments, and what they mentioned and showed on the stream, which isn’t much, is that you get to play as Yogscast’s own Simon.

Now before you throw your rocks, keep in mind it is entirely for charity and not a deal of a Lets Play “celebrity” taking away a spot of a potential SEGA character. S0L also mentioned that there is more stuff on the way that would be bigger. But for now, this is whats set for December 6th, and they’re also giving away free copies of the game and putting the game as part of the Humble Bundle.

Do it for the children.


Game News

Sonic Xtreme Boss Footage Unearthed 17 Years Later

If you visit here a lot, you’ll likely know about Sonic Xtreme. The ill-fated Sega Saturn title went through a rocky development cycle before ultimately meeting its end not with a bang, but a whimper.

Still, it had its fair share of display around 1996 at venues such as E3 and to the press before hitting the end of the line. Thanks to some wonderful sleuthing by forum members Shoemanbundy and Andrew75, and spooie for finding and hosting the clip, we can now see one more bit of footage of the game, namely a boss fight, in action.

The clip in question comes from the mid-90s Canadian kid’s TV show, The Anti-Gravity Room. Beginning at the 3:44 mark, we can see the famous Metal Sonic boss fight in full action, and relatively clearly too.

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Vita To Be Free for European Playstation Plus Users Next Month

PSPlusDo you live in Europe, own a Vita and have a Playstation Plus subsciption? Then you’ll be able to download Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for free on PSN next month. Sony announced their December line-up for the games Europeans get with Playstation Plus today and one of them is the Vita version of this game.

Other free games that month are Resogun and Contrast for PS4, GRID 2 for PS3, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for PSP/Vita and Guacamelee for both PS3 and Vita. Full details can be found on the official Playstation Blog.

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Even More Sonic 3 Music Details Emerge

If it wasn’t enough that Gametrailers went digging for more information on Michael Jackson’s involvement with Sonic the Hedgehog 3, turns out there was more involvement by another certain pop singer of the eighties than anticipated.

On YouTube, Fervor Records has posted a few unreleased music tracks on December 11th, 2009 from the band “The Jetzons.” One track, named “Hard Times” shares a more than vague resemblance to the theme of Ice Cap Zone. In fact, it may as well be exactly the same thing. What is the cause of this? The keyboardist of the group, Brad Buxer would work on the title, along with Michael Jackson as he confirmed in this interview conducted in the same year. While he does state he is not sure what material the developers used in the game, turns out to be remnants of the unreleased song linked above. You can listen to the song side by side to Ice Cap thanks to a video provided by staff member Skyler here.

This piece of information will no doubt raise additional questions about who exactly did what with the music to Sonic 3, however this evidence adds to the ever growing mystery of the involvement of the two pop stars.

Special thanks also goes to staff member GeneHF for pointing out this information.

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Retro/Bits News

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Sonic Dash got a temporary update which adds Zazz from Sonic Lost World as a boss. [SEGAbits]
  • If you live in the US and own a PS3 with a Playstation Plus account, you’ll be able to downlaod the incredibly underrated Binary Domain for free [Go give it a try]
  • Typing of the Dead: Overkill was announced and released for PC on the same day [Steam]
  • SEGA’s 3D Classics line-up for 3DS has been priced and dated for the US and Europe [SEGA Blog]
  • SEGA-Sammy made some money [Yay finances] Continue Reading

Sonic Lost World (Wii U): The Retro Review


I won’t bore you with the usual spiel about Sonic’s state in the past and present. Leave that to any other website trying to pad the word count. Let’s get right into the heart of it: Sonic Lost World is a half-baked game. At its best, it brings a fresh element of fun to the series through the new Parkour System that lets Sonic zip around landmarks, triangle jump up walls, and even cancel his now-signature homing attack to kick enemies around. But the experience tends to get bogged down by odd level design choices or a finicky mechanics.

But is the game still salvageable and worth putting into your blossoming Wii U library? Continue Reading