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Mighty Monday Links: No. 37 Edition


This game is going to be awesome. Unlock the $3.000.000 stretch goal for an extra sentence in this opening paragraph.

Retro/Bits News

  • Strife’s upcoming game Freedom Planet has been greenlit on Steam and will feature various Steamworks features as well [SteamForums]
  • SEGAbits teamed up with Age-Media, DCS and DC Emus to interview David Munoz, the author of the book “Service Games: Rise and Fall of Sega ” [SEGAbits]
  • Will has reviewed the American version of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F [SEGAbits]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • The Sonic balloon will be at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade again this year [Cititour]
  • Before working on the Castle of Illusion remake (out this week), SEGA Australia worked on a pitch for a series of re-imaginings of old Sega classics that’d take place in the same universe [Kotaku]
  • SEGA is publishing a neat looking indie game called Heroki for iOS [SEGA Blog]
  • Here’s some more info on Yakuza Ishin [Siliconera, SEGAbits]
  • A few Bayonetta characters make cameo appearances in The Wonderful 101 [Not Enough SEGAbits Links]

Other Stuff

  • Keiji Inafune started a Kickstarter for Mighty No. 9, which is basically a new Mega Man game. Also it’s going to be awesome [Kickstarter]
  • Hayao Miyazaki, known for classic animated films such as Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, retires from making feature films [Anime News Network]
  • From the director of Cowboy Bebop comes a new sci-fi anime called Space Dandy, which is about a dandy guy in space [Youtube]

Video of the Week

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  • Reply

    “SEGA Australia worked on a pitch for a series of re-imaginings of old Sega classics that’d take place in the same universe.”

    No kidding? I was just thinking about a massive Sega IP Reboot where we used a new Sonic game (I’d still prefer a reboot just to get back the Genesis Designs and to also do a full on retelling of Sonic Adventure 2 for reasons relating to me having insanely detailed, ridiculous ideas revolving around making Robotnik have a massive inferiority complex because his grandfather was a damn saint who had revolutionized his world and Ivo’s been living in his shadow, trying to make a difference comparable to his grandfather’s achievement) kick off a new Sega Universe/Multiverse. Things like having the Chaos Emeralds be alien gemstones hailed from Ristar’s people that landed on Earth a some hundred or so years before Sonic’s time and having the Orbot Corp. be a waste management industry whose influence in Robotics inspires Robotnik to take on his duty to try and become the utopian leader of the future, using tech to try and achieve his goal.

    And building off of Ristar we could reintroduce Toejam and Earl and their groovy galaxies. We could use this to also reintroduce the Vortex Queen and her offspring as the Xenomorphs that threaten all life by emulating it and spreading its cyberpunk hostility across the Universe. We could make the Phantasy Zone part of this by making it into another dimension/multiverse/complex-psuedo-sci-fi algorithmic-technobabble-term similar to what Asgard has been in the Marvel Universe.

    Silly ideas, sure. But I’d like to think they’re neat.

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    • Reply

      too long ; read anyway

  • Reply

    “SEGA is publishing a neat looking indie game called Heroki for iOS”


    How does that make any sense? Really looking forward to Mighty No. 9, though.

    • Reply

      Makes perfect sense actually. SEGA is only publishing it under their banner. The actual development was done by indie developers.

  • Reply

    I see that even Sonic Retro is aware of the new Mighty No. 9 project.
    AWESOME. ( ^‿^)ゞ

  • Reply

    #that blue hedgehog again of all places

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