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August 29, 2013

Game News

Sonic Generations 3DS is Going Digital

Sonic-Generations-3DS-Mushroom-Hill-Zone-Screenshot-10If you own a Nintendo 3DS and haven’t gotten your mitts on Sonic Generations yet (we liked it well enough for what it is), it looks like the game may finally be going to digital download through the eShop. Browsing for the game on the service reveals that the digital copy of the game is set to go live next Thursday, Sept. 5. However, it has no price tag as of yet.

There’s not been any word from SEGA about this re-release and it may just be another case of Sonic news spilling out early (it just keeps happening!)

Generations 3DS features its own set of unique levels and bosses (with rival races feeling very similar to the Sonic Rivals duology) from its console and PC counterpart, and incorporates Sonic Heroes-styled Special Stages to bag the Chaos Emeralds. It also features StreetPass functionality to share unlockable missions and profile cards that let you show off how big a Sonic fan you are.

[Source: GoNintendo]