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Sonic Lost World SDCC Stage Demo Shows Updated Stages and Chip Collecting

Aaron Webber was on Gamespot’s SDCC live stream yesterday being Aaron Webber and also showcasing the new Sonic Lost World demo that’s playable at the event. This demo includes the Casino zone in the not so frozen Frozen Factory and also some changes to previously shown levels like tutorial prompts in Windy Hill and more cinematic camera angles.

If you just want to see the new Casino stage, just skip to 11:28. This new level introduces a new gimmick in which you have to collect chips to earn points and also a small pinball section. SEGA also showed off Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F on the same live stream.

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    The title should have had Casino somewhere in it. This article is so unpopular because people think it’s the already seen footage.

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    Sonic is Sega’s American moneymaker,

    and Miku, along with the other Vocaloids, is Sega’s japanese moneymaker.

    Miku’s already worn a Sonic Costume, so I want a Sonic game where it’s ALL Vocaloid songs.

    Or have Sonic and Miku in the same game. She’s an android, anyway. So it might end up more like “Worlds Collide” than Sonic 06′.

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