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“Not Enough Rings” Kickstarter Nears Time Over, Speed Shoes Required

photo-mainI’m not usually one to talk about Kickstarters, let alone go ahead and plug them. But seeing as this is a Sonic the Hedgehog website, when a Kickstart about a Sonic shows up, it’s hard not to mention it. What I’m speaking of is Veronica Vera’s Not Enough Rings, a printed collection of the webcomic by the same name. The premise is each strip focuses on a single act from the four classic Mega Drive games, offering a humorous spin on what lays in store for our hedgehog hero. When the Kick began, it gained plenty of coverage across the usual places including our very best friends at SEGAbits. But! The entire campaign is in its final hours, and once its over, who knows if you’ll be able to get it without spending an absurd amount of money on eBay?

Since it has reached its goal, there’s no fear of it not hitting your shelves in the near future. But for those who get very excited about the color blue, a last minute incentive has been included. If the whole thing reaches fifteen grand, the pages of the book will have blue painted edges. Exciting, no?

There’s also the usual “hey, pledge more and get other things to satisfy your cravings” type deals, but that’s best explained on the page itself. Click here to journey to the Kick, and if it seems like your type of thing, go ahead and order it. The book is only twenty five dollars. Heck, that’s like…five coffees if you like crazy things at Starbucks! And you can still call yourself a hipster.

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    We at Sonic Retro, being perceived as old curmudgeon-y people that hate everything after 1994 (it’s really that ubiquitous era on home consoles from roughly 2001 to 2008-ish… how can anyone hate Sonic R?), do enjoy this comic. I check it every Saturday to see what little loving potshots the comic takes at the games and find it scary how easy it is to relate to the situations.

    And stay off our lawns, or something.

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      Eeeeeh… back in my day… Sonic didn’t have gold buckles on his shoes! *waves cane*

      *crack* Oh, my back…

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    But I don’t have $25, David. If I did I would be stuffing my face with unhealthy food.

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    When a team of two without pay do better than teams of at least 10 with pay for their comics, you’re gold.

    It’s cool to see a Sonic Equivalent of “Brawl in the Family”.

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    How on Earth is this legal? Even with parody rights, they don’t have the rights to the Sonic characters they are using. If they were doing this for free, no problem, but asking for money is crossing the line. Reporting this to Sega.

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      They’re not the first to do something like this, if it was illegal Penny Arcade and Brawl in the Family wouldn’t have done printed books.

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      ehe… he thinks he knows copyright law.

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    I like how Knuckles in the picture is just like “WTF are you trying to tell me again?” =P

    Also, that face that Tails has is SO FUCKING CUTE!! 83

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