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Prepare Your Palette: New Sonic Lost World Trailer, Plus Release Date!

In case you had forgotten in the simmering aftermath of E3 (what with real life catching up to all of us), SEGA is still hard at work on the latest Sonic title that’s to exclusively hit the Wii U – Sonic Lost World. With primary shades of blue and green and all sorts of running and jumping, how can one not get super excited at the prospect of being a blue dude with a cartoon attitude?

Well, to remind us all, SEGA has just released a brand new trailer through IGN for the game, showing off the return of the Wisps from Sonic Colo(u)rs. Yes, we knew they were coming back in some form. We can once again drill, laser and rocket about, but we’re not just dealing with the same ol’ perky aliens. We’re getting new ones. Some…a bit different than others. Take a gander below!

As you can see, Sonic, insanely jealous of all his friends being able to take to the sky, now has the power of EAGLE. Also new is ASTEROID, which has Sonic become a tiny planetoid, causing all sorts of subtle destruction for the platforms that so anger him. Finally, the latest Wisp to join the fray is RHYTHM, which turns Sonic into a giant music note, surely to cause desperate flashbacks to that one mission in Sonic Generations with Vector.

Peppered about are also quick looks at levels that have been previously unseen, such as what one can assume to be the first level of Desert Ruins, a jungle-type area, and a hint of the snow-capped trees in a winter level when Zeena’s smiling face shows up. Though there will surely be more info coming from SEGA before the game is released, you can now confidently say that the title is set to drop on October 22nd, 2013. Get those timers ready and set!

UPDATE: Europe will be receiving it a little earlier on October 18th, 2013. Also if you want a version of the trailer in which the word “colours” is spelled with an u SEGA has got you covered as well.

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    So, I noticed that all of the Deadly Six except Zavok (the Red One) are in different zones.
    Zik (Blue) –> a tropical zone
    Zazz (Pink) –> a grassland (A.K.A Windy Hill Zone)
    Zeena (Green) –> a snowy zone (mentioned)
    Zor (White) –> a forest zone
    Zomom (Yellow) –> a desert ruin (A.K.A. Desert Ruins Zone)

    I’m going to assume Zavok’s fought in the last zone shown on the Lost Hex artwork: a dark, volcanic, rocky zone.

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    Uhhh…you guys do realize it’ll also be for 3DS, right? It’s not exclusive to JUST Wii U.

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    YEAH, SEGA!!!

    This’ll probably be the best 3D Sonic game ever!!

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    “Also new is ASTEROID, which has Sonic become a tiny planetoid, causing all sorts of subtle destruction for the platforms that so anger him”

    Nanaaaaa nanananana nana na Katamari Damacyyyyyyy…

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    Looks very nice. All that’s left then is to buy a Wii U…

    The only concern I have is the wisps returning. Although they were fairly fun in Colo(u)rs, they had the tendency to break the flow of the gameplay and forced you to violently shake the wii remote like a crazy person. I’m looking at you, Rhythm.

    Oh, and the difficulty as well. Colors was a bit too easy in my opinion. Hopefully that didn’t carry over.

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    SEGA should have just called it Colors 2..And instead of finally figuring out a good gameplay for other classic characters as well(those that only got to shine in 3D like 2-3 times in the past 15 years), SEGA is recently making Sonic capable of every god damn thing in the universe..pathetic way to make the game feel more varied in my opinion, but hey, if everyone else is buying it, I guess my standards are just too high. I personally am getting tired of playing as always Sonic.

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    I don’t own a Wii U so I’m gonna get the 3DS Version cuz’ I have 1. 😀

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    I’m extremely disappointed that Wisps are returning, they really took the fun out of Colors for me, and made Planet Wisp in Generations feel a little gimmicky at times (especially in Act 1, the Wisps made that really annoying at times).

    I might sit this one out afterall, which is unfortunate, because despite the Wisps, the game looks fun.

    I’m not saying we should stick to the Generations format, but rather, stick to what we originally expected from Sonic Lost World, pre-wisp announcement.

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