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More Information on the Collector’s Edition of The History of Sonic


No doubt a number of you are shocked/surprised/disappointed/satisfied that Pix’N Love have recently announced the collector’s edition of “The History of Sonic the Hedgehog.” Not only is it being presented at an attractive price point, only 1,000 of these are being made and distributed solely from Pix’N Love’s site. With this surprising news, it definitely warranted additional information about it. We reached out to their support e-mail who kindly shed some light on this release. This book turned out to be one of the biggest projects to date for the French based publisher. You can check out their response after the jump.

“Our goal was to give something exclusive and “rare” to the Sonic’s Fans [sic] around the world. This is the reason, we decided to print only 1.000 copies and not one more. We knew the potential of this book is much higher!” the support representative for Pix’N Love told Retro, “We wanted to offer to our overseas readers something that can not be found anywhere else. This is why, we decided to make this Collector’s Edition.”

Being a French based publisher comprised of a small staff, their efforts are commendable for wanting to put out their works worldwide and for documenting a history that is in some cases otherwise ignored through print. All of the books distributed by Pix’N Love, especially on their website, can be shipped worldwide. The History of Sonic however brought them a greater step forward in terms of distribution as this is also the first book from the Pix’N Love line that saw dedicated distribution in a number of other territories, including America. “We have licensed the French version to UDON so, The French and the english version[s] are similar,” the representative said.

Because they are based in France they have to outsource their translation projects. Usually their English translations are brought over with British English, as seen in their previously released titles such as “The History of Nintendo Vol. 1“. For the Sonic book they enlisted the help of Canadian based UDON Entertainment to handle not only the distribution but the English translation as well. “Udon made the translation of the book, this is why the English is more American than [British].”

This likely means that any copy of the book ordered in English, standard or collector’s edition, will retain the American English. The only real difference from the two versions of the book will come from the cover alone. The representative said “The Collector’s Edition is exclusive to Pix’N Love. The cover is different, more [luxurious] and all the copies are numbered that add to the book an exclusive pattern.”

If you haven’t picked it up already, or if you want it to shine on your bookshelf, heck even if you have an interest and you’re reading this, you don’t have much time to pick up this book. Again, their website also ships internationally, so you’re only competing with the whole of the Earth’s population after all.


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    I gave in and ordered a copy, even though I already have the original. 🙁

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      Same. :b

      Probably going to come back and nip me in the bud by having an American release later, but at the least I’ll have one of the first releases. (If not, I’ll have actually got in on a collector’s item for once)

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    I have french version (exclusive content = picture of Sonic 3 & Knuckles Collection CD (PC) and i can’t see information of Sonic Game Gear and Master System. -_-

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    I already own The History of Sonic so I didn’t bother getting the collector edition but OH BOY! I just pre-ordered The History of Mario though. sweeeet.

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    Of course I’m unemployed when this gets released. So sad. :<

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    can’t wait for the scans!

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    While cool, I already have the regular edition, so I’ll put that $30 toward a different Sonic collectible…Plus, I kinda personally like the cover of the standard edition better 😛 Only 1000 being made is the only thing that would even make me think about getting it…if it came with extra content or something, it would be a no-brainer, but $30 just for a different cover is a bit much. Still very cool for those who don’t already have it.

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    Hello all! This is Ash Paulsen, Associate Editor at UDON, the company who handled the English localization of the book. I was in charge of rewriting the book’s text for its new English version, so if anyone has any questions about it, I’d be happy to answer them as best I can.

    I’ve localized and edited tons of books for UDON, but as a long-time gamer and huge Sonic fan, this one was special for me. It was certainly my most gargantuan project for UDON thus far, considering I had to rewrite pretty much the whole book to perfect the English localization. It was a true labor of love for me, though, and I’m honored to have been able to contribute to this little piece of Sonic history.

    Because I’m also a diehard Sonic fan, it’s my greatest hope that all you English-speaking fans out there just receiving the book and cracking it open for the first time enjoy it immensely and feel that the English edition has been worth the wait.

    Thanks so much for supporting the book!

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    I no longer have a PayPal account ( I’m not comfortable giving my SSN away) and I don’t have enough money at the bank for a debit card (though I have enough for the book). X(

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