History of Sonic the Hedgehog Delayed for Quality, On Track for Holiday Release

Not long ago, a French-language book chronicling the Sonic series’ lifespan was confirmed to have been adopted by publishing group Udon Entertainment for release in English. Some have noted that the original release date of Oct. 15 on Amazon was changed to early Jan. 2013. Udon has since posted a clarification for the delay on their blog, with an additional ray of hope for fans.

Unhappy with the quality of the translation the company gave the book, Udon has decided to retranslate the whole publication to offer an easier to read translation. “The reason for the delay from the original shipping date comes entirely down to quality: we wanted to make this book the very best it could be,” a representative of the Udon team said. “When we put up our initial preview pages along with the book’s announcement this summer, some fans noticed that the writing was a little bit stiff.”

The company assures fans to look forward to seeing the books ship out sometime in early to mid December, just in time for the Holidays. Those in the U.K. will also be able to grab copies of the English translation as well as Udon will be the only International vendor (which should quell concerns of the book originally being canceled over there.)

Ash Paulsen, an associate editor at Udon, is the gentleman behind the translation project, and from my own experience with the Mega Man artbooks Udon has put out, the quality is top notch, taking great care in details and the cleanliness of the product. Just take a look at the 12-page preview on their page. If you consider yourself a Sonic buff or know one and are looking for a good present, this is definitely worth taking a look.

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    Will this book be available in the states, at retail stores?

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      If the Mega Man artbooks were any indication, they were really hard to come by in bookstores here, if at all. You could go to your local book store with the ISBN (ISBN-10: 1926778561 OR ISBN-13: 978-1926778563) and ask if you can put a reservation.

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    This is sure to please me if i open this for a present. That’s nice for Udon to change the quality and make the book look more better.

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    Those shapes have been everywhere since Generations was released. I wonder if they plan on keeping that style?

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    Hi all! This is Ash, the UDON Associate Editor referenced in the above post who was responsible for rewriting the English edition of The History of Sonic. I just wanted to thank you all for your patience and ensure you that the extra month and change will have been worth the wait once you have the book in your hands.

    I know that just sounds like typical PR speak, but it isn’t! I’m a devoted Sonic fan like you guys, which is exactly why I felt it was so important to make the English edition of this book the very best it could be and poured so much work into it. It was a gargantuan undertaking, but it was also a labor of love for me personally.

    Thanks again for your patience and understanding, and I can’t wait for you and Sonic fans all over North America and the U.K. to get this book in your hands. As both an editor and a Sonic fan, I’m especially proud of it! 🙂

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      I can tell you right now we’re going to really like this, most of us. Always a nice thing to have a consolidated plethora of information about your favorite thing, in book form no less! I don’t know french so I’d have much more enjoyment out of this :>

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      Good to hear, Ash! It’s an honor to see you post here, and I greatly look forward to the finished product. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment!

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    A present? I’m getting this book for myself.

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    When I first glanced at the article, I read “Ash Paulsen” as “Rob Paulson”. My eyes lit up for a split second.
    At least it’ll come out before the holidays! And before next year.

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