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Here’s a Bit of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed’s Soundtrack

Destructoid has gotten their hands on some samples from the soundtrack of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Unlike the previous All-Stars Racing game, which only had a compilation of songs from past SEGA games, this sequel will have remixes by Richard Jacques. Yes, the very same Richard Jacques that did the music for Sonic 3D: Flickies Island and Sonic R. Destructoid has a longer written preview for the music in All-Stars Racing Transformed, but if you just want to listen to the samples you can do so below.

First up is a remix of Splash Wave from Outrun:

Than there’s a mash-up of Hideki Naganuma’s That’s Enough and Richard Jacques’ own track Everybody Jump Around, both from Jet Set Radio:

And last but not least, a remix of the Golden Axe theme:

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  • Reply

    They do OutRun a disservice. The rest is lovely though.

  • Reply

    Can you feel the dubstep~

    Does it brighten up your day~

    (Oh god Sonic R in this style would be hilarious)

    • Reply

      I hope someone in the future makes that

    • Reply

      That would actually be awesome. ^^

  • Reply

    Completely awesome, Freen in Green left a comment!

    Also, does the Golden Axe remix remind anyone else of “Great Megalith” from SatBK?

  • Reply

    TimmiT just to correct something, the original ASR did have remixed tracks only for the DS version, Seaside Hill had an amazing remix there, and there were two new songs, “So Much More” and “Into The Wind”, however the HD versions didn’t get any remixes and only got “So Much More”!

    Anyway great remixes, I’ve read the article and heard them before though, I’m loving the one for Golden Axe, looking forward hearing the full song and the other tracks!

  • Reply

    FINALLY. Some DubStep.

  • Reply

    They just ruined Outrun.

    Fortunately, they didn’t rape Magical Sound Shower.

  • Reply

    Oh god.

    I never even played Golden Axe much when I was a kid, don’t remember much at all, but that Remix was just EAR PORN at it’s FINEST.

    And the other remixes are pretty awesome too, I think that Jet Set Radio one is more of a Re-master than a remix though.

  • Reply

    My God…dat Golden Axe theme…*childhood memories flood back to me* Then it gets all upbeat and isn’t as good as the beginning of the piece. Still, this is making me so much more excited for the game!

    • Reply

      You know what, relistening to it with headphones on…the upbeat part is actually more epic. Forget that part about me saying the beginning part is better.

  • Reply

    Outrun dubstep is actually okay.
    The Jet Set mashup’s okay, but not racing material. Maybe menu music?
    The Golden Axe song is amazing.

    Now I wonder what remixes they’ll have for Super Monkey Ball…

  • Reply

    The Golden Axe theme is amazing, but this music don’t look to be a original remix. It’s look like Sumo Digital took the music directly from the PS2 version of Golden Axe (from those Sega Ages 2500 Series…).

    Comparations? A YouTube link:

    • Reply

      Funny, that’s exactly what I felt like when listening to the Golden Axe track having played the PS2 game for awhile, so I guess I wasn’t feeling the vibe everyone else was feeling listening to it…

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