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Starbucks UK App of the Week: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1

If you’re a coffee addict in the UK (and/or you just want to sabotage Costa Coffee), Starbucks is offering a free download of Sonic 4: Episode 1 for iOS now through the 21st in their UK locations. Simply pick up one of the small cards (usually near the register) and the promotional code will be on the back. Please note that for all of you who think you’re going to be sneaky and have a friend pick up codes that they are only redeemable with a UK iTunes account.

For the record, I would have preferred a grown-up Sonic mug that I would not be embarrassed to drink out of, like my current Starbucks mug. Seriously Sega, give me a merchandise license so I can make things 30 year olds wouldn’t have secret shame about owning. 😐

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    So… Sonic 4 Episode I is for hipsters. /thread

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    There’s either no competition, or the amount of people who got it didn’t know it’d be terribly dissapointing

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    No Android? Goddamnit. I really don’t like Apple products, so therefore I automatically go with Android instead. So no free Episode I for portable devices for me.

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    good news for people who have a ipod touch/iphone even if they just bought sonic 4: ep 2

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