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E3 2012: Hatsune Miku Sneaks into E3

Sega’s no-shows at E3 such as Anarchy Reigns, the Valkyria Chronicles series and Phantasy Star Online 2 sure has fans a bit weary of what the publisher intends to bring from it’s library in Japan. However, of all games to be shown off at E3, and so quietly is the Playstation Vita version of Project Diva f. Or as it’s been renamed to at E3, Hatsune Miku.

You know, Hatsune Miku, the vocaloid singer whose quite popular in Japan. However, nothing has been officially announced, in fact, no publisher details have been officially revealed. But it is implied that Sega will post photos of people playing the demo at E3 on their blogs, and they are the official publishers of the Project Diva series in Japan, so their involvement should come as no surprise. It’s more than you can say for something like the Sakura Wars series.

For those at the Los Angeles convention, it is currently being shown off at Sony’s E3 booth, and to those who are interested in a US release are encouraged to bug Sega about it, liberally.

As for me? There sure are some catchy songs, but much like My Little Pony fans rub me the wrong way to the point that I don’t want to show interest in the show, the same could be said for Hatsune Miku. Still an interesting and commemorable move by Sega.

[Sources: Hatsune Miku English facebook Page]

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  • Reply

    DANGIT SEGA! Why you put it on a system I dont have!?

  • Reply

    Unconfirmed for All Stars Racing Transformed.

  • Reply

    I care not about the game.I care that the chick in it is sexy.

  • Reply

    Thats great.
    Don’t like Vocaloid.
    But still, i like the box art.

  • Reply

    “As for me? There sure are some catchy songs, but much like My Little Pony fans rub me the wrong way to the point that I don’t want to show interest in the show”
    Sounds like the story of my life.

  • Reply

    Here’s the part I love.

    This game is here “from demonstration purposes.” Sega has no intention of bringing over the game from Japan. They’re just showing it off for the sake of showing it off.

    You’re silly, Sega. Just come out and say you want to see if reviewers will like it before going ahead with localizing it. I do remember Toyota trying to use Hatsune Miku in their ad campaign earlier in the year and Americans were like, “The hell is this?”

  • Reply

    I hope to God that Sonic the Hedgehog fans don’t rub you the right way.

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    that’s interesting. i have seen a lot more hatsune miku merchandise showing up… hell, last week i passed up a vinyl keychain with her on it because i already had one of stocking. it only seems to have been in the past year, which is kind of funny. i feel like vocaloidmania has slowed down a lot, but maybe they’re just looking to bolster it again with the lucrative market of anime con kids. you know, the homestuck brony vocaloid caramelldansen types, with plenty of money in their parents’ pockets

  • Reply

    I want to go to one of Miku’s concerts!!

    Don’t believe?

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