Jet Set Radio Re-Release Soundtrack Details Revealed

The fact Jet Set Radio is being re-released in the first place is pretty awesome. One of the classics for the Dreamcast, it just didn’t receive the love from the mainstream that it should have, though maybe you can even say it’s part of the charm. There’s no way Beat or Gum would ever conform to society! Either way, one of the high points to the game and its sequel has been the soundtrack, a mixture of in-house Sega tracks and outside material that shaped the world of Tokyo-To. But because of these silly little things called “licensing deals,” just how much of the original soundtrack would make it over to the HD port has been up in the air, with initial reports saying that only about half of the music would make it through. Well, the official Sega Blog just posted the full track listing for the game, and if you’re a fan of Jet Set Radio, more than likely you’re going to be jammin’.

For those not aware, each region where Jet Set Radio was released had a slightly different track listing, and while each version shared 21 songs, there were a handful exclusive to North America, some exclusive to PAL regions, and one track exclusive to the original Japanese release. Of the 30 total tracks connected to the game, Sega has managed to secure the rights to 28 of them, which is why they’re able to call it the “Entire Worldwide Soundtrack.” You have your Rob Zombie, you have your Jurassic 5, you have your “Recipe for the Perfect Afro.” You even have most of your Deavid Soul, which was assumed to be unattainable simply because the group doesn’t exist anymore. Of the two tracks missing, one of them is the Deavid Soul track “Yappie Feet,” which I’m surprised is missing if they could get the other four, including the Japanese-only “Dunny Boy Williamson Show.” The other missing song was the PAL-exclusive “Many Styles” by O.B. One, which was the artist’s only contribution to the soundtrack.

But really, for a soundtrack as diverse as Jet Set Radio, only having two songs missing (and only one that would be noticed by European readers) is an impressive feat, especially when you consider the type of budget they probably had to work with. We do not have to live in a world where we can’t grind our lives to “Miller Ball Breakers” or “Idol Taxi.”

Jet Set Radio will be hitting the usual digital download avenues this summer.

[Source: Sega.com Blog]

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    Wow, Sega really came through here for the most part, much appreciated…..maybe next time Crazy Taxi, maybe next time.

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    oh well, i got the deavid soul album so im not too worried, im just happy we gotten MORE than what i expected to get (Was expecting only 1 region of music)

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    Seeing how I grew up with the Japanese region of the game I’m really glad they got to keep all of the songs from it, I’ll be ‘Sweet Soul Brother’ing all night XD now if only Crazy Taxi got this same love!

    With this baby and Sonic Adventure 2, I wonder if we’re getting a Dreamcast Collection 2, if so please let there be Crazy Taxi 2 and maybe House of the Dead 2!

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