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Phantasy Star Online 2 Coming to Playstation Vita

The true sequel to the Dreamcast classic Phantasy Star Online is coming to the Playstation Vita. The portable edition will be the same as the PC version and will even support cross-platform play. This means that if you own the Vita version you can play the game with PC users. You’ll probably notice that it doesn’t look like the PS Vita can handle the game very well. That’s because this version is less than 10% complete and is currently running on the lowest settings, so it goes without saying that the graphics and framerate will be improved considerably.

While it hasn’t been announced if the game will be released in the west, the chance of it being localized is pretty big considering that most of the other games in the franchise did get released stateside. Phantasy Star Online 2 will be released in 2013 and is being developed by Sonic Team. After the jump is an older trailer of the game.

[Via Andriasang and Phantasy Star Blog]

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    wait a second, isn’t it going to be an mmo? since when does the vita support mmo’s?

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    customize tits shape and size <3

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    Did you miss the part where Phantasy Star Portable 2 was an MMO on the PSP?

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    did anybody nodice that at the end the person who said ps vita said it werid and its not the psp

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