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Your Sonic 4: Episode 2 Roundup

This week has been quite the interesting one for those looking forward to Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2. Without the teasing of weeks of teasing announcements, a playable build of the game shows up out of nowhere in Barcelona, subsequently played by people who apparently have never touched a videogame in their life. The offical English homepage of the game was updated. And of course, even though it doesn’t seem nearly as vital any longer, another round of concept art was uploaded onto Sega’s blog and Facebook page. So, without further ado, let’s jump head first into the madness.

First off, the concept art. One is kinda interesting, the other…not so much. The one that might raise an eyebrow is the first, titled the “Ring Shooter.” Without seeing it in action, one can only guess what it does, though it more than likely has something to do with shooting rings. I’m hoping its something similar to that ring dispenser on the upper route of Reactive Factory in Sonic R. That never gets the love it deserves! The other image is a floating platform. Oh man, never seen one of those before…

Next up, some videos from Barcelona. Though most of the initial footage bobbin’ about on YouTube is of Sylvania Castle, the first act of White Park was also available. Featuring giant snowballs of death, Sonic digging into the snow and all sorts of crazy things, one can’t argue that it certainly looks a lot different than Ice Cap. Which is of course a very good thing. Though I can’t say whether people are going to obsess over the music in the exact same way.

Also of note, like I mentioned earlier, the brand new Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website from Sega of America has been put together. Though not as filled to the brim with content as its Japanese counterpart, the site’s background is made to look like the map screen first experienced in Episode 1, giving us some idea as to how it should look in the final release. Of course, there are a few convenient empty places on the map, which will more than likely be filled by the two later zones not yet officially announced. The badnik section gives us a good look at a handful of enemy models that will be encountered, and the spare bits of text do confirm that this episode does indeed take place some time after the first, implying that Mad Gear was built for a specific purpose, and that Lost Labyrinth was holding something Dr. Eggman was looking for. How this will be followed up in the game is something we have yet to see, but at least it shows that they are actually paying attention to the storyline. Because even if Sonic is not first and foremost about it, it’s nice to know that Sonic is running around everything for some reason!

That’s it for now. Check out the gallery below, though, for all the concept art we didn’t feel the need to throw on the front page for the last two weeks, even though you’ve probably already seen them by this point.

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  • Reply

    I understand the guy wanted to show off the equipment, but I still wanted to punch him for moving the camera so much…

  • Reply


  • Reply

    The more I see, the more I realise the physics have barely changed at all.

  • Reply

    @Shakermaker The physics haven’t changed.

  • Reply

    a spring/pod submarine thingy?

    the egg-snowman looks like it’s from Diamond Dust Zone.

  • Reply

    so if the physics havent changed. im guessing either their worried about the physics changes or they decided thats how the onic 4 should be like. lets just hope they make the levels fit the physics.

  • Reply

    Imma just play some more S3&K.

  • Reply

    I can’t imagine how high their budget went up after making the floating platform! OOOOOoooooooooooo *sarcasm*

  • Reply

    Story Links to episode 1? I suspect its like this:

    Dr.Robotnik (sorry nobody calls him that anymore!) I mean Eggman, was looking in lost labrynth for an ancient power source – some sort of gem i’d say, and mad gear was built to turn little planet in to the new death egg.

    the milkybars are on me if im wrong.

    Also link to Sonic Heroes – it says Metal Sonic was damaged and abaonded on Little Plant by eggman, and this could also be a big part why he turns against in heroes

  • Reply

    @Dr Robotnik Your probably right. =D

  • Reply

    Hmmmm the special double team moves kinda reminds me of Sonic Colors….interesting 🙂

  • Reply

    @Dr Robotnik – no, this have not relation to any other game that’s not Genesis or Mega CD.

  • Reply

    I really don’t know why they insist on screwing up the physics of this game; I mean, how hard is it to replicate the physics of S3&K etc?

    I can happily live with ‘modern Sonic’ and even Dr. *shudder* Eggman, just so long as they produce a game which has the FEEL of the originals. That’s the whole point of this exercise, right? Make a game which harks back to the original Genesis/MegaCD platformers. So why does it FEEL so damn wrong?

    Episode I wasn’t horrible or anything, it just felt ‘blah’. Generally disappointing and not particularly enjoyable. I sincerely hope they’ve improved the playability since Ep.I, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Reply

    Hmm, According to the site, Knuckles Story and Sonic’s /Tails’ story in Sonic 3 and Knuckles happened at the same time. Interesting

  • Reply


    He used the name Eggman before Robotnik, and they really should fix the physics.

    @Crosslance He means that they are tieing it in to keep from storyholes

  • Reply

    @sacooper95 Don’t believe the website, it’s wrong. Sonic and Tails’ story comes first and then Knuckles’ story

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