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Mitsuyoshi’s PSA on Daytona USA

Click play to get a rolling start. Did you hear that Daytona USA came out on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network? You may have heard from us several times that it came out last year, but if you’re still not convinced, perhaps the vocalist for the songs may persuade your interest?

Sega’s US branch uploaded a 10 minute trailer on their YouTube account with Takenobu Mitsuyoshi detailing the Karaoke Mode for the digital download release, which allows you to have instrumental versions of songs play as you drive around the track (Or have the game run the track for you) and display the lyrics on screen (Which he demonstrates as ‘loudly’ as possible.) As an additional bonus, Mitsuyoshi-san also sings “Lets Go Away” for the latter half of the trailer.


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    I honestly didn’t expect him to have that good a voice. I mean it’s not phenomenal, but it’s still a great singing voice (7/10 imho).

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    I’d love to buy Daytona USA on XBLA, but seriously guys, there’s only 3 courses. It’s great that there’s an “arcade perfect” version of the game, but it wouldn’t have killed you to include content from Championship Circuit Edition or Daytona 2. If Daytona was $5, I might consider it, but I get more content out of FREE DEMOS than I do the for-pay version of Daytona USA.

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    Sadly, this version of Daytona USA is probably the best way that Sega could put this together, and would be more recognizable compared to the other versions. They already converted the game to the Ringwire hardware under the royalty free Sega Racing Classic. CCS from what I recall is only on Saturn, and Daytona USA 2 wasnt as popular due to the lack of a console port and a diminishing arcade market.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Daytona USA 2001 was released next on download services. Plus to be fair, its the best console port of the game compared to the Saturn and PC releases.

    $10 is quite a stretch, and if anything, people should use that cash on Guardian Heroes. To each their own, really. Its still entertaining to watch Mitsuyoshi still to this day sing songs from this game.

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    This man is a genius 🙂

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    @DTxHero21 its kinda weird for us to hear him talk to us in Japanese yet be able to sing in perfect english. @Blaze I think they could have ported the Dreamcast version of Daytona USA. @Valet2 You’re absolutly right!

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    I shoulda bought it when it was on Xbox live for 5 bucks, now its 10 ;-; the pain the horrible pain.

    ITs funny how excited he gets and then crashes into a wall xD
    A little huanting but still somehow awesome.

    We need more Daytona USA games….. with more of that hunating music >.> for serious not being sarcastic O-o

    Oh and as for ports, Daytona USA the Saturn version was ported to the PC, secret horse vehicle intact….
    So that “Can’t port Saturn games” isn’t all that true.

    I want an ultimate Daytona USA remake bringing EVERYTHING BACK from Saturn days to all the Arcade versions the US just barely saw. :3 Daytona 2 for instance.

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    XBLA/PSN Daytona USA isn’t worth the money. It’s literally the arcade original with the Saturn’s karaoke mode hidden away. And widescreen visuals. And online multiplayer (which doesn’t really beat the greatness of 8-player cabinets anyway).

    But it’s an arcade game by nature and is designed to be short. CCE and 2001 tweaked the game to make it more suitable for the home, but that’s not so much the case here.

    (Really they should have made a new Daytona USA and added this as an unlockable extra or something).

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    pahahaha everything about this video is genius!

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    Got it. Grab the MP3 here.

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    This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen.

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    This video is so frickin’ hilarious! His freaking facial expressions are priceless! The singing! XD

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