Bad Sonic Cosplay, Britland Edition

It’s no secret that Great Britain loves celebrating made-up holidays, from “Bank Holiday” to “Another Bank Holiday.” Our friends across the pond need to learn to celebrate true national holidays, but alas, their newest blunder is “National Dress Like a Videogame Character Day.” The hard-hitting Metro has provided complete coverage of the inaugural celebration, and of course, Sonic was represented in the “festivities.”

Oh, who am I kidding. This is really all just pretense to post a bad photo.

Enjoy your evening, folks.

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    I like it when you guys put down long tags that are so specific to the article’s context that they never see a second use.

    No, really. I think that’s hilarious.

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    Hey, look! It’s Sonic the rat! 😛

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    lol, it’s wired, sonic on trunk, but that’s ok, just fun~

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    He looks more like a womble.

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    this should be in Conan’s book…”IF THEY MATED” Mickey and Minnie Mouse gave birth to Sonic The Needlemouse here… He’s runnin amuck in D-LAND.

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    LOL, so now Sonic works for JCB XD

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    That looks more like a rat than a hedgehog. OMG IT’S THE NEW SONIC REDESIGN!!!1!1!1111!ONE

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    So this is what Erazor was thinking of when he saw Sonic?

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