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Mario and Sonic Visit Some Royal People Before Heading to the Olympics

With Sonic Generations recently released and Sonic CD¬†getting an enhanced new version next month, one could forget that there’s a new Mario and Sonic game coming out next week. To remind you, SEGA has released a couple of new TV commercials. The ads are mostly the same,¬†but have slightly different gameplay bits and different endings so they are both worth a watch:

Mario commercial

Sonic commercial

Besides the Wii version, there’s also the 3DS version coming out early next year. Amazon has recently updated the store page with the box-art of this, which has as much promotional art crammed on it as the designers could get away with:




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  • Reply

    Bowser’s running with weights, Amy’s riding a horse, Eggman’s holding some stick thingy…. (can’t specify sport), and Luigi has the most enthusiastic face with a tennis racket. Let the jokes begin now.

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    Those videos are great! The guys who put them together knew what they were doing.

  • Reply

    I wonder if this has anything to do with that little photoshop contest of Mario and Sonic gate crashing the Royal Wedding.


  • Reply

    lol. ‘Nuff said, bro.

  • Reply

    Tell the queen and royal cronies to get stuffed. I hope they choke on their biscuits and die.

    No more “God Save the Queen!”

  • Reply

    I think you mean most enthusiastic face with a badminton racket. After all, this IS London. Also that neck is too long and skinny to be a tennis racket. Still. “OH GOD FUCK YEAH MARIO I’MA GO PLAY SOME-A BADMINTON NOW!”

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    HOLY SHIT. WINDY VALLEY IS IN THE GAME!! Start the video at 20 seconds. You can see that shit clearly. Hell, I even screen captured it just for those who missed it.

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