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November 28, 2011

Fan Works

Sonic Goes Classy at the Sonic Generation Art Show











Fan art is, for better or worse, one of the biggest aspects of Sonic. Actually, I don’t think there’s any other videogame franchise with such a huge amount of it. But for as many fan artists there are, we never see professionals do their thing with the blue blur. Considering you have probably noticed that classy image of Robotnik above or the title of this article, I don’t really need to say that this has now changed. An art show is being held in Philadelphia with fan art by artists professional enough to draw/paint/sculpt things as their job. For example, there’s Nelzon Diaz’s The Study or Glen Brogan’s Robotnik.

It’s being held from December 2nd until the end of the month. You can find more details and preview more of the art on the website here.