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Wii Virtual Console Receives Second Online Enabled Mega Drive Title

Wii owners in Japan this month will receive it’s second Virtual Console Mega Drive game that can be taken online: Super Street Fighter II – The New Challengers. The first being Puyo Puyo. Little is known about this version, but Japan Wii owners can expect a release to land for the month of November at the standard price point of 600 Wii Shop Points. The Super NES version will not obtain this feature, despite it already being released. No announcement has been made for other regions. You can check out the teaser direct from Sega’s Youtube channel below.

Credit goes to Nintendo Life for pointing out this release.

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  • Reply

    I posted this in IRC when the video first came out and no one cared. ;_;

    Anyway, why are they trying to do this NOW of all times?

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    Someone’s probably gonna throw a brick at me for saying this, but how does this have anything to do with Sonic outside of being a third-party game on a Sega console?

    • Reply

      There IS another side to Sonic Retro, you know.

      But no one ever loves poor Sega Retro…

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    D: they get online VC games?

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