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Mario and Sonic Visit Some Royal People Before Heading to the Olympics

With Sonic Generations recently released and Sonic CD getting an enhanced new version next month, one could forget that there’s a new Mario and Sonic game coming out next week. To remind you, SEGA has released a couple of new TV commercials. The ads are mostly the same, but have slightly different gameplay bits and different endings so they are both worth a watch:

Mario commercial

Sonic commercial

Besides the Wii version, there’s also the 3DS version coming out early next year. Amazon has recently updated the store page with the box-art of this, which has as much promotional art crammed on it as the designers could get away with:




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  • Reply

    Bowser’s running with weights, Amy’s riding a horse, Eggman’s holding some stick thingy…. (can’t specify sport), and Luigi has the most enthusiastic face with a tennis racket. Let the jokes begin now.

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    Those videos are great! The guys who put them together knew what they were doing.

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    I wonder if this has anything to do with that little photoshop contest of Mario and Sonic gate crashing the Royal Wedding.


  • Reply

    lol. ‘Nuff said, bro.

  • Reply

    Tell the queen and royal cronies to get stuffed. I hope they choke on their biscuits and die.

    No more “God Save the Queen!”

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    I think you mean most enthusiastic face with a badminton racket. After all, this IS London. Also that neck is too long and skinny to be a tennis racket. Still. “OH GOD FUCK YEAH MARIO I’MA GO PLAY SOME-A BADMINTON NOW!”

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    HOLY SHIT. WINDY VALLEY IS IN THE GAME!! Start the video at 20 seconds. You can see that shit clearly. Hell, I even screen captured it just for those who missed it.

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