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November 1, 2011

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How Fleetway Played The Games, Part 3: Of Emeralds and Echidnas

So the big day is finally here, and at long last after months of waiting, Sonic Generations is finally here for us all to enjoy – so long as you live in North America, that is. Us poor sods in the Old World have to wait another 3 whole days before we can open our shiny new disk boxes; listening meanwhile in tormented agony to our crowing friends across the pond, blasting their way though Sky Sanctuary and Planet Wisp in glorious HD.

Clearly, we need to find something that only we in Europe (if I’m honest, more specifically the UK, but work with me here) really had, in order to sustain us until Friday finally rolls around (pun totally intended). Ladies and gentlemen, I present the first part of Sonic the Comic‘s finest hour: the adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

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Game News

Sonic CD: A Time Paradox of a Two-Tailed Fox

As reported earlier and officially revealed on the Sega Blogs, Sonic CD is making it’s way to a host of tablets as part of Gamestop’s move toward the tablet market. Consumers who purchase Samsung Galaxy, Acer 100 and ASUS Transformer at participating Gamestop retailers receive Sonic CD for free early. Offer begins this Friday. The remaining versions will be releasing in December.

In addition, Sega revealed an exclusive feature to the new revision of the game: Tails as a playable character for the entirety of the game! Complete with his ability to fly. Tails becomes playable after completing the game once as Sonic. Check out the gallery below of more screens from the Android version and Tails in action.