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Drive Like a Pro in Daytona USA

Daytona USA is making it’s first lap on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this week. If you’re a bad enough mother of a driver, chances are you’ve already snagged yourself a copy of the game. If you’re just plain bad at Daytona, then do yourself a favor by checking out these videos of You Tube user Trojan X who was able to beat the AI on the highest difficulty in all three tracks using manual transmission while keeping up top speed. Be sure to watch all three videos to get an idea on how to tackle the three courses.


The technique that’s prominent in these videos is the Gear Drift. When tacking the tightest corners, turn early, shift into second, while turning along the curve, shift into third then gradually correct your steering as you approach the straight, and resume gaining speed. Don’t hit the brakes, otherwise you’ll find yourself sliding all over the place! Lastly, be sure to memorize each track. Play offline for some practice sessions before taking on other opponents.



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    search “golden cornering”

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    Imagine Sega replacing the cars with sonic characters.

    Sonic R 2.

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    What, no Steam release?


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    There’s something kind of funky with the collision in the new port.
    Usually, you can run an opponent into a wall and flip them real crazy.
    Now, they sort of phase into the wall and continue driving like normal.

    Still having fun with a $10 game, but the real deal is still the excellent DC version.

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