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July 4, 2011

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Monday Links: May Be Tuesday In Your Locale Edition

I hadn’t planned to do any links today–as an American, my priorities of the day have been to blow things up and test out the various recipes from our drinking contest (results coming soon, btw.) However, I did hear from Iizuka last night to “write for all Sonic fan,” and I can’t really argue with that. So, all Sonic fan, here we go.

Sonic Retro News

  • You may remember some “unused” music in Sonic Mega Collection found a few years ago. Turns out it’s in fact part of an odd tech demo video by CRI. [ Why is this shit in my Sonic Mega Collection? ]
  • Retro members have been digging up various rare pieces of art with the intent of cleaning up and organizing a collection. Have something we don’t have in our artwork section? Feel free to join in! [ Rare Sonic Art (and restoring it) ]
  • Charmy Maze is a new fangame that has players go through timed puzzle mazes. Yes, I’m as surprised by a Charmy protagonist as you are. [ Charmy Maze ]
  • Ever thought Nyan Cat was great, but just not awesome enough? Good thing it’s been ported to the Mega Drive! [ Nyan Cat MD ]

Sega/Sonic News

  • Fan of the SNES port of the 80s arcade classic Dragon’s Lair? No, I wasn’t either. Good think we were spared from this version for the Mega Drive–luckily, SegaAge has us covered for a release either way. [The Summer of Protos! ]
  • So, apparently the next figure in First4Figures’ set of statuettes is of a classic Knuckles which was recently revealed on F4F’s Facebook page. Enjoy a blurry picture showing as such! [ Knuckles punching a thing ]
  • SEGAbits is reporting that BBC Earth and Sega are teaming up for a new project. Personally, I hope whatever this is like the planetarium projector but with Planet Earth footage, because that would totally rule. [ SEGA and BBC Earth team up to fuse technology and nature ]
  • Segashiro highlights one of Ben Heck’s forumers modifications to the Sega Game Gear: new casing, rechargable batteries, and a new 5″ screen. Looks pretty fly. [ Custom Game Gear Mod Kicks Arse! ]

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“Escape From The City” – The A Capella Version

So it’s almost dusk in the United States, meaning fireworks are about to go off to celebrate a moment you British readers would rather forget about. Either way, more than likely some of you have enjoyed some sort of grilled entrée, and if so I hope if any hot dogs were involved you added chili. But that’s beside the point. Yes, everyone here is still waiting for Sonic Generations. Yes, everyone is waiting to play through City Escape so you can hear that classic remix that’s gotten everyone in a tizzy. However, since it’s a Monday most people are treating as a Sunday, why not listen to someone else’s rendition of Escape From The City? Specifically, the rendition by the 22-person strong Video Game Music Choir.

Yes, the video itself is blurry. But unless you really, really want to see that girl dressed as Zelda, the sound should suffice.

Humor, Merchandise

The Strangest Things Show Up At Conventions

And I don’t mean the con goers.

Yesterday, I joined a few friends on a trip to Florida Supercon, which meant two things: getting more StreetPass hits on the 3DS (32! If you went, look for a Mii named Gene. I got a person from Sega Bits, so…) and humiliating people in the gaming room. But no self respecting con is complete without a dealer room with overpriced or weird items, like a remote control miniature tank that fires B.B. gun pellet for $70. Awesome.

But this isn’t about a toy that can be used for amazing purposes. Instead, enjoy oddities such as Sonic themed snuggies (robes you wear backwards) and bath robes. Other than that, it’s the typical showing of those little Sonic beanie hats in Sonic, Shadow, and Super Sonic varieties at $18 (!) a pop.

Apologies for the shaky quality. I was using my cellphone and the lighting wasn’t great.