“Genesis: Part One” – The Preview

With the excitement for Sonic’s 20th anniversary building, it should be of no surprise that Archie Comics – the company that has been making the Sonic comic for the last 18 years – is gearing up to celebrate in the best way they know possible. The news of the Sonic Genesis arc has been featured on this page beforehand, but next week in the United States (6/29/2011 for those keeping score) the first issue of that arc is finally meant to come out at direct comic book shops. Though it has gotten into the hands of certain subscribers early, the first of the four part story begins with the most familiar location of all: the Green Hill Zone. With Sonic jumping right into the action and not being completely aware of the insanity that happened last issue, he immediately begins to free Flicky and the rest. Though it begins as Sonic the Hedgehog does, it soon takes a turn right into Archie territory.

In addition to the five-page preview Archie released, they’ve also put up the solicits for their September 2011 releases, which features the cover to 229, rounding out the arc. According to their description, “Our 20th Anniversary of Sonic celebration ends with this blockbuster issue! Sonic tackles the treacherous Metropolis Zone alone, while Sally leads her friends through the perils of the Oil Ocean Zone! At the end of the gauntlet lies the Death Egg and an epic battle! Will the world ever be the same again?!”

Also scheduled for September is the conclusion to the Scourge the Hedgehog arc in Sonic Universe, focusing on the evil version of Sonic trying to get out of the No-Zone prison. And for those who don’t want to deal with single issues? The latest installment of the Sonic Archives series is also meant to come down the line. Volume 16 covers issues #59-62, which is when the “World Tour Saga” of the series really started to get underway. Along with the first four issues of Sonic Universe getting collected, September is looking to be a pretty intense months for fans of the series.

So keep an eye out and visit your “Local Comic Book Shop” often to grab these titles. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait a while for them to show up on what few newsstands even carry comics nowadays. For a preview of #226 as well as the covers to next three parts just look below.


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  • Reply

    This… Actually looks pretty nice.

  • Reply

    Sonic 3 cover is still the best.

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    Starts out just like Sonic the Hedgehog. That is, if Sonic the Hedgehog started out with the archie characters.

    Well wait, in the bible it said that one of the animal buddies was Sally Acorn, so I guess they at least skimmed the bible once or twice.

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    thats cool as all hell 😀 i cant wait to buy all of these

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    Yardley’s ‘finishes’ carry over into the final art a little too much for my taste, but for what it’s worth, this was one of the better issues in a while.

  • Reply

    Figuring out how to get my hands on one of those. Unfortonatly i’m living in Netherlands (small country in Europe) 🙁

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    Is the last one suppost to be Sonic and Knuckles? And why are they still bringing in the the Archies characters? They werent in the Genesis games besides cameos thats still pisses me off

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