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June 11, 2011

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Sonic Boom 2011: Sonic Generations Playthroughs

Classic Sonic Mobile friendly

Clearly the biggest draw of the event was the ability to play a demo of Sonic Generations at Sonic Boom. At least 20 stations were set up across the venue for fans to take a crack at the tale of two hedgehogs.

Here we have yours truly going through both the classic and modern versions of Green Hill Zone. Being my first time running through the game at all (no fibs here), they’re not the most stylish, but they should address whatever concerns people have with the physics, or raise more. Who knows!

Modern Sonic Mobile Friendly

Sega announced that the demo was making its way to PS3 and 360 soon, meaning those who didn’t attend will get their hands on them soon enough.

Like what you see or want someone dead? Comments and trash talk about how much I suck are down below for your pleasure. And yes, the DJ was terrible. Feel free to mute the audio.

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Game News

Sonic Generations 3DS Videos: See and Hear The Magic

So E3 is over, everyone’s packed up and gone home and sorted through their swag and figured out what to sell for exuberant prices on eBay. But in the explosion that was City Escape on the console version of Sonic Generations, as well as the fangasm that was Sonic Boom, it was easy to look over the other version of Generations coming our way, the version exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Luckily, gaming site Nintendo World Report recorded the entire experience, including a direct feed of the audio. So if you’re curious to see how the Green Hill Zone sounds in the palm of your hand, then don’t stop yourself. Watch the video below:

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Listen to Crush 40 and Alex Maklouhf’s Covers of Super Sonic Racing, Sonic Boom

Over at Sonic Boom, a small concert was thrown for the club’s goers by none other than Crush 40’s Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli, singing songs like Open Your Heart, His World, In The Wind, and Live and Learn to name a few. However, Alex Maklouhf from Cash Cash joined them on stage to also perform Sonic Colors’ Credits Theme, Speak With Your Heart.

So imagine some people’s reactions when they all got together and did new versions of Sonic R’s Super Sonic Racing and Sonic CD’s Sonic Boom, which were apparently one time performances for Sonic Boom attendees. Well, we got you covered.

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