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M&S London Olympic Games Media Abound

With everyone running around being excited for Sonic Generations, it’s easy to forget there is another Sonic title being shown at this year’s E3. The latest team-up between everyone’s favorite hedgehog and plumber, Mario & Sonic and the London 2012 Olympic Games has also been making the rounds, even if it does seem like we’ve been down this path before. Sega has released the “debut trailer” for the game, which is nothing more than fancy CG that are used in the intro’s of the other two Olympic titles. But hey, how often do you get to see Sonic and Mario standing atop of Big Ben? Or Toads driving about jolly ol’ London in those double-decker buses? Hopefully certain events will spill out into the more recognizable landmarks of England, if only for the amusement factor.

Game Trailers has also uploaded some in-game footage from the show floor, with Amy Rose and Bowser playing Badminton. I feel like I should say something amusing about that, but I doubt anything can live up to the statement of “Amy Rose and Bowser playing Badminton.”

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    I could honestly just have Sonic Generations and be happy. :/

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    I wish I was there. *sigh* 🙁

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