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June 8, 2011


Wish You Were Here~

So…I’m not one of lucky ones who got to go to Sonic Boom. So I’m not hanging out with Scarred Sun and Slingerland and Gene and doing shots. But if you want to pretend that you are Sonic Boom, you can. Because apparently everyone who is there is getting their picture taken and being bros. So if you hurry, click here and you can experience the event Almost Live[tm]! And if you come in late, those pictures will still be there haunting you, knowing you’re not playing Sonic Generations until later this year.

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Escape From The City Twice In One Day

Sonic Adventure 2 was the last Sonic game on a Sega system, the first to be ported to a Nintendo system, and what many consider the last great hurrah of the Sonic series. So it was no surprise when yesterday the first trailer for City Escape‘s inclusion in Sonic Generations came out. For those wondering how the level looks beyond the minute preview, once again Gamespot has come to your aid. Earlier today, the site’s live coverage of E3 showcased most of the level for both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, the classic being a delightful romp that is able to prove that classic Sonic can work in environments we’re not used to, and skateboard the only way one should – extreme and in the 90’s.

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A Quick Tour of the Sega Booth at E3

Wish you were at E3? Of course you do. That’s why you’re on the Internet right now, browsing every site possible and trying to get the latest info on every game you ever wanted (but were afraid to ask for). But even if you learn everything, it’s not the same as actually being on the show floor, seeing everyone trying to sell their games and tell you why it’s going to be the greatest thing ever. The veritable website Gamespot knows this, and has set one of their many visual hosts to stroll about Sega’s booth at the expo, showing off not only their Sonic-related content including Sonic Generations but also a handful of upcoming titles which are being published by Sega (they do make other games, in case you’ve forgotten) including Guardian Heroes and Renegade Ops. Aside from getting a brief glimpse of the Generations set-up, we get to enjoy Homer Rabara frightening a young PR woman with his microphone, watch a man in 3D glasses for far too long and in the final moments get a visit from everyone’s favorite brand manager of the past. Yes, Ken Balough’s bright shining face appears, even if he’s talking about Guardian Heroes and not Sonic the Hedgehog. And no, your ears are not deceiving you. The host accidentally calls Ken “Ben.”

Wait, who frames copies of the Archie comic?

[Source: Gamespot]

Game News

M&S London Olympic Games Media Abound

With everyone running around being excited for Sonic Generations, it’s easy to forget there is another Sonic title being shown at this year’s E3. The latest team-up between everyone’s favorite hedgehog and plumber, Mario & Sonic and the London 2012 Olympic Games has also been making the rounds, even if it does seem like we’ve been down this path before. Sega has released the “debut trailer” for the game, which is nothing more than fancy CG that are used in the intro’s of the other two Olympic titles. But hey, how often do you get to see Sonic and Mario standing atop of Big Ben? Or Toads driving about jolly ol’ London in those double-decker buses? Hopefully certain events will spill out into the more recognizable landmarks of England, if only for the amusement factor.

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