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Monday Links: Yep, Koei Still Sucks Edition

Filling in for Slingerland this week, as he is too busy partying with a chicken or something. Sometimes, I don’t know about that man.

Sonic Retro News

  • There’s been a series of updates on Sonic Extreme, with commentary from the owner and the original company who developed the demo. Additional footage is also inside. [ Sonic Extreme: Yes, with an E ]
  • Progress is coming slowly but surely with Sonic & Knuckles Collection; this time, MainMemory has released a new sound effect replacement tool. [ SKCsnd ]
  • Ranger, one of the guys behind Sonic 2 XL, is back with a Mother 3-styled RPG fangame. Preliminary screenshots are up , but still waiting on a demo. [ Sonic and the Rings of Order ]
  • DMAshura has announced his open-source Python Sonic engine, Porcupyne. If you’re interested, feel free to jump on the project. [ Porcupyne ]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • NG.DevTeam, the studio behind Last Hope and Fast Strikers, have put out their first shots of the upcoming game Gun Lord for the Neo-Geo and Sega Dreamcast. Good to see indie developers still supporting the system more than a decade later. [ Gun Lord ]
  • SEGABits is in the middle of Yakuza Week, meant to boost awareness of the new PlayStation 3 game Yakuza 4. Follow along and retweet their articles once a day for a chance to win some of the awesome prizes they’re giving away. [ Yakuza Week ]
  • Sega’s upcoming team shooter Binary Domain has been delayed until 2012. To tide you over in the meanwhile, they’ve released a trailer of the game, set in 2080 Tokyo. [ Binary Domain ]
  • Sega of Japan have set up a special Twitter feed for Sonic’s 20th anniversary. There have been some pretty interesting tidbits over there so far, including the possibility that Sonic Generations may be getting another title before the game ships. [ @sonic20th ]
  • Reservations for this year’s Summer of Sonic are already closed after just 10 hours! Good thing I’m getting in on my dashing looks and charm alone. [ Summer of Sonic 2011 ]

Other Stuff

  • There’s been an ongoing debate in the #retro IRC channel this week on whether Koei has ever made a game worth playing, ever. Good to know they’re keeping up the mediocrity streak with Warriors: Legends of Troy. Someone has to make Sega look comparatively stellar.[ Metacritic ]
  • People hate too much on heavy metal; turns out, it’s what keeps us from stabbing people at Starbucks. James Parker expounds on the subject. [ The Atlantic ]
  • Something Awful has been spinning comedy gold with their “Games with Honest Names” Photoshop thread. It’s pretty great, so check it out. [ GBS ]

Video of the Week

If you live in Britland, you’re going to the polls on the 5th for the Alternate Vote referendum. Want to know more about the system, but refuse to watch videos that don’t involve cats? We’ve got your back.


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  • Reply

    Hey SS, there’s nothing wrong with partying in the house with your cock out. I’m sure some people find that to be a relieving situation too.

  • Reply

    I hadn’t realized how much progress has been made in S&KC until now: we can change the MIDI music, use HQ music, replace sound effects, and with a bit of work, edit levels.

  • Reply

    I can’t seem to translate that twitter page.

    • Reply

      Same, it kinda sucks, and I’m too lazy to go through and translate all the tweets. :\

  • Reply

    Oh come on, Mystic Heroes had some awesome multiplayer.

  • Reply

    I enjoyed KOEI’s Winback: Covert Operations on N64/PS2. That music ranged from creepy to frightening, and I liked how they tied in the tempo and intensity of the music to the health bar.

  • Reply

    Doho, Resonance of Fate. Doing a smackdown is a bitch if you don’t know what you’re doing, since the instructions on how to do it are as vague as Sonic’s description of what’s going on outside. Either way, fun game, even if it will forever be known as “that other JRPG that came out on the same day as Final Fantasy XIII”.

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