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April 2011

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“Sound of Speed” Coming Soon To iPods Across the Nation

So it may not be a new Sonic game, but another teaser trailer came out a couple days before the hoopla involving Mr. Classic Sonic and his beige-eyelids. Music remix site Overclocked Remix (who have been responsible for more Sonic remixes than you can shake a stick at) have been quietly working on a happy little album that fans of Sonic music can get excited about. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. Just in time for the blue blur’s 20th anniversary (and also OCR’s 25th album…wait that’s not the same number) comes The Sound of Speed, a 13-track album covering the entirety of the first Sonic the Hedgehog. Previously covering Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3 with Hedgehog Heaven and Project Chaos respectively, the album is sure to at least have one really good track. It’s not out yet, but project leader Halc released a trailer so you can hear snippets of each song with some classy gameplay footage (oh man Sonic is rolling). Since they generally don’t release a trailer until its almost here…well, it’s almost here.

Can’t wait for that Labyrinth Zone remix…as long as they don’t make me drown in the middle.

Game News

Sonic Teaser Video Shows… Classic Sonic?

Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic team up in the next Sonic game.

At 9 a.m. EST, Sega showed off the 50-second teaser video on their Sonic The Hedgehog fanpage on Facebook, offering that it’s a teaser of the next major Sonic title. [UPDATE: Video after the jump. Thanks, Twimfy!]

The footage begins with the green-eyed modern Sonic running along through a very white, lightly textured version of Green Hill Zone in 3D, going through pipes and shuttle loops until flying through the air and being joined by his classic chubby companion.

The two then run along side by side and we’re treated to a loose release date of “Coming 2011” and confirmation that the game will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, including online support in some capacity.

Although it does not confirm a title, it’s very likely to hold the name Sonic Generations, especially with how recently the domains were registered. Did your guess on our poll from last night come true?

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See Shadow The Hedgehog’s Test Level In Action

Back in March, we posted some images of two test levels in Shadow The Hedgehog found by Spanish fansite Sonic Rekai.

Thanks to a 15-minute video recorded and uploaded by forum member DinnerSonic, we can now see how this level looks like in its entirety. Using a ripped version of the game and an emulator, he filmed every little bit of the level.

Being a test level, most of it is designed to test out the game’s physics on how Shadow controls on loops, slopes, steps, and half-pipes among other structures. There’s also the odd laser object, mostly due to triggering some flags in Westopolis.

There’s still no video of the other test level, but if you keep an eye on the forum thread, one may just pop up sooner or later.

Game News

Sonic Announcements Coming Thursday; Sega Quietly Registers Sonic Generations

The last time we heard anything from Sega about 20th Anniversary related dealings for Sonic, we got  an allusion to the philosophical poem “The Hedgehog and The Fox”.

Now by way of social media networks Facebook and Twitter, we get two separate events that clearly coincide.

Yesterday, it was reported via the Twitter account @supererogatory that Sega registered two domain names in “” and “”. What’s noteworthy about this? Aside from being registered by EuroDNS, which also handled the domain registrations for Sonic The Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colors, it could be a hint at either the rumored Sonic game with remakes of classic levels “in a modern style” or yet another hodgepodge of games on a disc.

If that wasn’t enough, Sega updated their Sonic The Hedgehog fanpage on Facebook with a hint to visit the page on April 7, where they plan to kick off celebrations early.

You heard it here last, but we’ll definitely keep you up to date come Thursday.

Site News

We’re Too Slow! Server Issues Fixed

If you’re reading this, we’re back online.

Long story short, this wasn’t a last second poorly planned April Fool’s prank. There were server problems that caused the site to be painfully slow for a good while. One server reboot and several cable switches later, and things should be back up to speed again.