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Photoshop Friday: Mario and Sonic at the Royal Wedding

It’s Friday, Friday!

…How the hell did that become so popular? Ugh. Now that the hype of the royal wedding is going to wind down, it’s time for something somewhat new here at Retro.

Let’s play a little game! About a week ago, the crazy people over at Sega had some fun teasing their upcoming game Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games with a little photo tour of Mario and Sonic across the various sites of London.

So, here’s your mission: using photos of those Mario and Sonic suits, create some photoshop wizardry of the two gate crashing the royal wedding or simply mingling with the thousands outside Westminster Abbey.

The best ones will be featured in a future post here with the opportunity for a cheap plug to your page! I’m looking at you, roving deviantartists. The only rule is to try and keep it rated PG and safe for work, though subtle suggestiveness is welcome. In other words, nothing that will get a person fired if their boss saw it.

The deadline is next Friday at midnight UTC. That’s 8 p.m. for you U.S. East Coast types. Just link them down in the comments below. Good luck and have fun!

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  • Reply

    BST = British Summer Time – you’re getting confused with EST =P

    (personally I like to use UTC on the net because it’s the “universal” time (and is identical to GMT, which is what we use when it’s not summer). BST = UTC+1)

    • Reply

      Noted. I’m an idiot with time conversions since they keep changing it up every year. I’ll put it in UTC for more clarity. Thanks!

  • Reply

    I think I might make a change or two to the shop I did of Beatrice’s stupid hat.

  • Reply

    I’d enter but I have no Photoshop. I’ll be curious to see what people make, though.

  • Reply

    Honestly this was quick to do and in my tired state I have no idea weather or not this is the correct royal wedding but for me it’s 1:35 in the morning so please bare with me 😛
    Mario was pretty easy to put in; his pose worked pretty well with the position I put him in :P. Sonic was a little tough compared to Mario for the fact his hand were bright as hell in the original photo. I had to manually fix that and then actually make him look a bit darker from the back, guessing that the light source was where his face is pointing now (in this image that is). Enjoy I guess :E

  • Reply

    I can’t believe those two rascals weren’t invited! It would totally of helped the wedding appeal to the younger generation!

  • Reply

    Damn I miss this post!

    • Reply

      You still got time, good sir!

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