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Your Desktop Looks Boring, Take This

With all the Sonic Generations footage coming out of the woodwork this week, there’s plenty of material to gawk at. Some of our forum members have used this abundance of footage to create some desktop wallpapers.  Now, you can hype yourself up for Sonic Generations even when your Internet browser is closed.

This first one is a quick work of ProwlerX, combining the high-res artwork with an HD screenshot.

Retro Member Sonica brings us a grouping of screenshots with the game’s logo and the leaked box art image, found last week.

Right click the images and save them or left click ’em to see them in full resolution.  Thanks to ProwlerX and Sonica for putting them together.  If you’ve created your own desktop wallpaper, share it in the comments.

Game News

Sonic Generations Footage: (Near) Complete Run Through of Green Hill

It’s technically not a “complete” run, as a section of Classic Sonic’s section is missing, but you get to see all of Green Hill here in this video, uninterrupted by Takashi Iizuka, Honorary Conquistador. You can hear the in-game audio, soundtrack… everything.

That part where Classic Sonic is in the cave and the bird sound effects kick in… that’s a real nice touch.  Total zen moment.  On the other side of things, you get to see the redundancy of boosting on boost pads and grind rails.  Tons and tons of grind rails.