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Random Thoughts: Sonic Generations Media Blowout

Sonic Adventure started a new era for Sonic.  It was the first major Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles and people went crazy over it.  With Dreamcast units and copies of the game selling out, Sonic “was back.”  The gameplay, while still going from point-A to point-B, shifted to “speed first, jump later.”  The sequel was met to a great reaction as well.  I was a part of this madness and enjoyed every minute of it.

So, with all this fun, why is SEGA bringing back the classic design and gameplay after all this time?  No matter what you say or think, Sonic Generations exists because this “new” generation has been average to downright miserable.  Failed reboot after failed reboot saw some of the worst ideas and execution in video game history.  The Adventure games, with all their initial critical and commercial praise, have aged poorly and serve as the starting point for all the errors existing in the games today.

It’s as a result of this failure that people started pining for the time when the games were successively good.  We were supposed to get that with Sonic 4: Episode 1, but that only furthered matters.  The game still managed to be an abomination, even after going “back to the roots” the furthest out of any Sonic game in the modern era.  Sonic’s modern design became the poster child for bad games, forcing those without brains to write dissertations on eye color.

Even if you like the new games, it’s undeniable that we’re here because Sonic Colors was too little, too late.

With yesterday’s  Sonic Generations media blow-out, we’ve seen enough to finally get excited for something.  A new Sonic game that is worth our time and money is in sight and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.  Until then, here are a few observations/realizations that we’ve derived from the trailer and gameplay footage.

Thank you, SEGA, for releasing a substantial amount of gameplay footage.

When SEGA made the initial announcement yesterday, only screenshots were found.  Then, IGN got the gameplay exclusive, followed by a slew of in-game video from some random Spanish video game site.  While it only took 3-seconds to know that Sonic 4: Episode 1 sucked (for real, a lot of people were like, “IT’S ONLY 3 SECONDS” and we all ended up being totally right), it’s nice to have a slew of content to put all fears to rest.  We’ve seen enough to know that Sonic Generations is the real deal.

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