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Modern Sonic Gets Destroyed in SEGA’s Facebook Poll

You might look at the title of this article and say, “Yo, dawg, who gives a damn about a stupid Facebook poll?”  Well, three things: a) SEGA debuted a trailer on Facebook, b) with over 1 million fans on its page, the Sonic Facebook is the best place to gather opinions from both the hardcore and casual fans and c) …these results are insane.  As of 8 PM EST on this awesome Tuesday, the classic design is pounding Derpface roughly 4:1 (~8,000 to ~2,000).

You can vote on the poll, if you haven’t already, right here.  There are dozens of people on this poll asking for a “both” option, but that would mean that you wouldn’t have to make a choice.  Choices are hard.  Now, if you’re butthurt and want to help Modern Sonic make a comeback, all you need to do is round up your DeviantArt/FanFiction.net/voice acting buddies and spam away.

Of course, all of this classic Sonic excitement is moot if the gameplay blows.

(Finally, I had an excuse to post this image.  Thanks, Cinossu.)

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“The Sound of Speed” Proves Too Fast For The Naked Eye

Huh. Feels like I just wrote about this. Oh well, doesn’t hurt to let everyone know that OverClocked Remix‘s latest album The Sound of Speed is now out for your listening pleasure. Available as both a direct download and as a torrent file (if you want to save their bandwidth and pretend it also helps the environment), all thirteen tracks on the album are full of Masato Nakamura goodness. Sure, you may find some of the arrangements aren’t your cup of tea, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to at least download and give it a listen.

Oh, look at that, it’s Tuesday. Man, if this was Sonic 2, I could make such an overused joke!

To go to the album’s official site, just click here.