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Monday Links: Return of the Links Edition

A busy work schedule and lack of news anywhere killed the links for two weeks.  While the former is still kicking my ass, the latter… well, you saw that trailer, right?  I believe that’s news.  Even if it’s late on a Monday!

Sonic Retro News

  • Get the ins-and-outs of SEGA’s port of Sonic 1 to the iPod with evihamwizard’s thread.  Download data to find out how the iPod processes the game differently than the Genesis. [Sonic 1 iPod Thread]
  • A long time ago, drx ported Sonic 1 to the 32x.  MarkeyJester resurrects it with an update.  All the PWN channels are there, but there are no sprites. [Sonic 32x Thread]
  • Late last month, somebody uncovered beta and E3 versions of Sonic 2006.  Yeah, it’s an abomination, but our interest of things pre-release knows no bounds. [Sonic 06 E3 Build Thread]
  • If you go into our forums to post about Sonic Generations, please please please for the love of Rotor the big gay walrus will you please read the thread rules.  If you break them, you will be suspended for a week.  No exceptions.  Over a dozen people couldn’t read last week and got axed. [Sonic Generations Megathread]
  • People got too excited and stupid in the thread, so we decided to send a couple funny messages to curtail people’s insane posting.  Things exploded and a sexy chimney sweep stopped on by. [Page 16 OH MY GAW-AW-AW-AWDboooom] [My Favorite Things]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Dem mainstream guyz cover the big Sonic Generations trailer release from last week, only to note that there’s really nothing to talk about. I like MTV again. [MTV]
  • We like Platinum Games.  They make not suck games in a country where games have been suck lately.  Here’s why the relationship between SEGA and Platinum should continue for years to come. [SEGAbits]
  • The soundtracks for Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 are slated for re-release this year for Sonic’s 20th.  Surely, you have these songs already.  I’ll be surprised if you don’t. [SEGA Addicts]
  • SEGA became the first company to receive an “M” rating for a Kinect title with Rise of Nightmares.[Geek]
  • Spiral Knights, a free-to-play, MMO dungeon crawler from SEGA has been a silent hit with gamers across the world.  It’s such an adorable li’l game. [Nerd Reactor]
  • Monster World IV is finally coming to the western world on all your downloadable services.  No word on the North American Wii VC release. [SegaFans]

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