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Late Night Poll: Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generations

Today, (April 7th) at 9 AM Eastern on the Sonic Facebook page, there will be a “huge announcement.” I’m sure some of you will stay up all night brimming with anticipation.  Most of us jaded bastards will go to sleep and not give a damn or will stay up all night playing Minecraft and ROM hacking as usual.  I, personally, will be working on my fanmade script for a sequel to You, Me and Dupree, called You, Me and TWOpree: Dupree-ier. Owen Wilson’s agent is all like, “Oh wow, I’m Owen Wilson’s agent.”

I digress.  Anyway, something “big” is going down tomorrow.  I put “big” in quotes because, come on… it’s SEGA.

It’s time for a stupid, time-killing prediction until the announcement gets here.  I’m really good at predictions because both SEGA and Sonic fans are predictable as a stump (bad decision, people rightfully call-out said bad decision, kids eat and enjoy turds, leading to “true Sonic fan” crusades).  Everything that happened around Sonic 4Kobe. All the way.  Now is your chance to be Kobe.

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See Shadow The Hedgehog’s Test Level In Action

Back in March, we posted some images of two test levels in Shadow The Hedgehog found by Spanish fansite Sonic Rekai.

Thanks to a 15-minute video recorded and uploaded by forum member DinnerSonic, we can now see how this level looks like in its entirety. Using a ripped version of the game and an emulator, he filmed every little bit of the level.

Being a test level, most of it is designed to test out the game’s physics on how Shadow controls on loops, slopes, steps, and half-pipes among other structures. There’s also the odd laser object, mostly due to triggering some flags in Westopolis.

There’s still no video of the other test level, but if you keep an eye on the forum thread, one may just pop up sooner or later.