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We’re Too Slow! Server Issues Fixed

If you’re reading this, we’re back online.

Long story short, this wasn’t a last second poorly planned April Fool’s prank. There were server problems that caused the site to be painfully slow for a good while. One server reboot and several cable switches later, and things should be back up to speed again.

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  • Reply

    Thank God! I was wondering what the hell has happened on Retro.

  • Reply

    oh i thought the server was going slow for some really epic awesome reason?

    that’s the only times i witness the server going slow

    sonic fan remix and sonic 2 hd information usually hits the server something fierce

  • Reply

    I’m somewhat happy by this.

  • Reply

    Thank god is back because I was trying to download some hack rom games damn it! XD

  • Reply

    Well, the site’s fixed, but is still too slow. Two things: WHAT HAPPENED TO SONIC 2 HD’S Q1 2011 EMERALD HILL RELEASE?!? and Sonic Generations is propbably the next Sonic game.

    • Reply

      Yeah, there may be a few burps here and there, so just bear with us. It’s mostly out of the staff’s hands at this point.
      Also, thanks for reminding me about Generations. I knew I was forgetting something.

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