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All-Stars Racing Drifts Over To iOS Devices

Here’s one for all you Apple device owners that almost went under our radars.  Along with confirmation that Sonic 4: Episode 2 is under development, Sega also announced that Sumo Digital’s answer to Mario Kart in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing is on its way to iOS devices.

In this case, it’s specifically for the iPod touch and the iPhone. Very few details about the game were released, so there’s no clue as to how much the game will include in comparison to its console and DS counterparts. However, Sega confirmed the game will include support for local multiplayer over WiFi and Bluetooth.

Expect it to hit the App Store sometime this Spring.

[Via IGN Wireless]

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    You have GOT to be kidding me, more and more people are starting to prove that there really is an app for everything. But out of ALL things, ALL-STARS RACING!? SERIOUSLY?
    Uhm…at least this post doesn’t talk about *censored*

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      Raxz counterattacks implication of ASR being bad by saying the word “Physics.”  It’s super effective!

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        I counter with actual difficult levels (Sonic Colours has a LOT)!
        I don’t think it was very effective…

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    All-Stars Racing was a fine game, so I’ll pick this one up when it comes out.

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    Nice title. Drifts over… Racing… heh.

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    Love this game, played the shit out of it until I platinumed on PSN (that Bonanza Bros Monkey Ball mission was SOOOO hard to get AAA). I just hope they don’t cut out too much. They could definitely do away with the House of the Dead and Monkey Ball levels completely (horrible).

    Also, another thought just crossed my mind: will it be based on the console versions, or the DS version? Time to hit up the Twitter account…

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      Google Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing iPhone and a mobile site has a video of this

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    That headline seems to be a bit of a contradiction, as whoever was playing in the recent video never drifted once, and according to their written observations, they didn’t seem so unfamiliar with racing games that they wouldn’t know how. I hope the port’s not THAT stripped down. I mean, Shibuya Downtown in the video is disgustingly tiny and Mario Circuit 1 looking in comparison to its console counterpart. Here’s the video and written account –
    “Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing played very well despite still being in an early state. The tilting to turn was very responsive and fun to use, and I usually dislike tilt-to-steer options in racing games. There are plenty of boosts and weapon pickups scattered throughout each track, so there’s always some sort of carnage going down. One nice aspect to the game is how you earn points with each race which will go to unlocking each of the characters and tracks in the game, lending a nice goal-oriented progression to playing. The game is also quite colorful, and although it isn’t heavily detailed the game moves so fast that it’s hard to notice.”

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    Watch this get pulled off the app store instantly with no explanation just like Sonic at the Olympic Games

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