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March 2011

Game News

Sonic 1 Hits PlayStation Store For Everyone

Add one more to the number of ports this game has.

While people enrolled in PlayStation Plus have had the game (for free) for over a month, the game has now been deemed worthy of release to the lowly free peons of the PSN in exchange for $4.99 out of your PlayStation Wallet.

What will you find? Just Sonic 1 as you remember it, only now with a new menu system that prevents using the level select code but allows for savestates to be made at the player’s leisure.

In other words, it’s a port of the Xbox Live Arcade “Sega Vintage Collection” port of Sonic 1, with all the pluses and minuses (moreso minuses) well intact.

If you’re visiting this site, you’ve likely played this game in some sort of capacity. This one’s purely for the diehards who want Sonic 1 on every system they own (legally) or for those who somehow missed on the multiple other ports of the game. May I suggest just picking Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection instead?


A Tribute To The Most Frightening Moment of Childhood

So there I was, having a fun little romp through the Internet. Looking at a little known site called Reddit. You know, one of those “user submitted content” sites that are on the pulse of the world. And, as you can imagine, occasionally there’s something about Sonic the Hedgehog. Sometimes its new, sometimes its old, sometimes I wish I had never seen it. But this day…THIS day…well, there was a topic about a water cooler. And bubbles. So you can already guess where I’m going with this.

Ah, the underwater level. But this is not a fun romp through the underwater mazes Dr. Eggman has used. No, this is about…the song. The one that frightens the soul of mankind.
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How Archie Played The Games, Part Three: Of Pink And Metal Hedgehogs

People love anniversary issues in the comic book world. Every 25 issues, something intense has to happen. Something crazy. And with the 50 and 100 marks, it has to be even bigger and crazier. Sonic the Hedgehog is no exception to this rule, and his first anniversary issue wanted to be nothing but the biggest and best. Devoting an entire issue to one story, the crew at Archie comics decided to adapt Sonic’s other “best game ever,” the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog CD. And even though it features the Knothole Freedom Fighters, I can say right now that it stays far more faithful than Sonic’s last two outings in the world of game adaptations. With that said, was it any good? Did people care? How was Sonic‘s silver anniversary when all was said and done? Read on and find out, good sirs and madams!
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Return to Little Planet 3

Going in a bold, new artistic direction, Return to Little Planet 3 brings to the table everything that has been promised to us since the beginning of the hype for Return to Little Planet 2. DavidTL, eat your heart out!

Credit to Shadix for the find.

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Two Test Levels Found in ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’

Before you panic from the repressed memories of the game, bear with me here.

Forum member princeofknaves uploaded an old version of the RenderWare Graphics World Viewer, which could be used to view Sonic Heroes level maps as well as possibly allow moving them to other games like Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut.

But that’s not all. DaGuAr, a user at the Spanish-speaking Sonic Reikai forums, found that this viewer can also view Shadow the Hedgehog’s level maps too. This isn’t surprising since the two games run on very similar engines.

Look below to see what he found.

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Real Talk: You’re In Our Thoughts, Japan

Unless you’re a hermit who has not heard the latest news, Japan got rocked pretty badly by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake and a devastating tsunami.

While we may not have many active Japanese users around here, it’s no secret that both Sonic Retro and Sega Retro are both centric around products from the nation and a lot of the user base follows some aspect of the culture. Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Japan that they can overcome this tragedy.

We hope those of you with friends over there find that they’re okay.

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How Archie Played the Games, Part Two: Of Floating Islands

Issue 225 gets closer with every passing moment. Even though you can argue about the quality of the comic (and believe me, I’ve heard it all) you still can not deny that the fact the series has gone on this long is an amazing accomplishment. Every other series of its kind has quietly gone under, disappearing once their show/game/movie was out and done with. The Sonic series, even through the dark times, has been holding on, not only being the longest and most successful video game comic, but still one of Archie’s top sellers. The only good thing about making a comic based on a successful video game series is that there is no shortage of material, with at least one new game coming out each year. And hey, with twelve issues needing to be filled per year, who knows how much you can derive from one game? Two issues? Four? Seven?!

If you’re Archie, you’ll be lucky to fill one.
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“Sonic-Grams” Vol. 5: Fifth Anniversary Spectacular![tm]

It’s been away for a while, but it’s back to kick some butt in Wild Canyon! Well, not really. But after a hiatus of a couple weeks (for even I can only read the Archie sonic comic for so long) we are back for the Fifth Anniversary Spectacular![tm] of “Sonic-Grams!” Once again, letters from the golden age of the comic book series have been hand picked, tilled from the yard, and placed upon the table for your consumption. Let us give thanks to the proverbial comic book gods of the sky for giving us this bounty of questions directed to a blue hedgehog. Or we could all just go about our business and pretend none of this ever happened.

…eh, what would be the fun in that?
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Game News

All-Stars Racing Drifts Over To iOS Devices

Here’s one for all you Apple device owners that almost went under our radars.  Along with confirmation that Sonic 4: Episode 2 is under development, Sega also announced that Sumo Digital’s answer to Mario Kart in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing is on its way to iOS devices.

In this case, it’s specifically for the iPod touch and the iPhone. Very few details about the game were released, so there’s no clue as to how much the game will include in comparison to its console and DS counterparts. However, Sega confirmed the game will include support for local multiplayer over WiFi and Bluetooth.

Expect it to hit the App Store sometime this Spring.

[Via IGN Wireless]