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March 2011

Game News

Sonic 1 Hits PlayStation Store For Everyone

Add one more to the number of ports this game has.

While people enrolled in PlayStation Plus have had the game (for free) for over a month, the game has now been deemed worthy of release to the lowly free peons of the PSN in exchange for $4.99 out of your PlayStation Wallet.

What will you find? Just Sonic 1 as you remember it, only now with a new menu system that prevents using the level select code but allows for savestates to be made at the player’s leisure.

In other words, it’s a port of the Xbox Live Arcade “Sega Vintage Collection” port of Sonic 1, with all the pluses and minuses (moreso minuses) well intact.

If you’re visiting this site, you’ve likely played this game in some sort of capacity. This one’s purely for the diehards who want Sonic 1 on every system they own (legally) or for those who somehow missed on the multiple other ports of the game. May I suggest just picking Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection instead?


A Tribute To The Most Frightening Moment of Childhood

So there I was, having a fun little romp through the Internet. Looking at a little known site called Reddit. You know, one of those “user submitted content” sites that are on the pulse of the world. And, as you can imagine, occasionally there’s something about Sonic the Hedgehog. Sometimes its new, sometimes its old, sometimes I wish I had never seen it. But this day…THIS day…well, there was a topic about a water cooler. And bubbles. So you can already guess where I’m going with this.

Ah, the underwater level. But this is not a fun romp through the underwater mazes Dr. Eggman has used. No, this is about…the song. The one that frightens the soul of mankind.
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Retro Shopping Network: Japan Benefit DX: Director’s Cut

SEGA of America has opened up a bevy of auctions on eBay, all benefiting the Red Cross Relief Effort for Japan.  There are over 50 limited edition items, ranging from press kits, posters, trade show displays, autographed copies of games and the rare Dreamcast hoodies that SOA recently manufactured (currently going for over $300).  There’s so much awesome and rare stuff that I bet T-Bird at TSS is losing his mind.  He loves his merchandise.

Today, I’m going to show you the more eccentric and strangely expensive items that you can bid on.

1993 Sonic Notebook

This item is the least eccentric out of what I’m going to show you, but this is Sonic Retro after all and this item is the only one with the ol’ pudg’ems adorned on it.  As of this posting it’s going for $46, but there’s 6-days left, leaving a lot of room for the price to skyrocket to insane levels.  If you manage to get your hands on this masterpiece of school supplies, don’t write in it.  Look at the inside of this magnificent bastard:

Past the jump: a really expensive lanyard, forklifts and a double dose of America’s most popular brand manager.

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Summer of Sonic Website Launches

We are three months away from Summer of Sonic 3 and preparations are underway.  While there’s nothing of merit aside from a welcome to the new website, that’s not all that launched this past week.  A pair of Facebook events to gauge potential visitor count has also popped up that, if you are planning to attend, you should RSVP to.  The amount of visitors will determine what venue TSS/Wrecks/SEGA Europe will seek out for the show.

Track updates on the show via Twitter with the #SOS2011 and #pigeonpaniczone hashtags. Follow Svend/Dreadknux at @Svend_SPOnG and Kevin/AAUK at @thekevineva.

It’s Sonic’s 20th birthday, so this show is going to be huge.  Don’t second guess!  RSVP today!

SoS Official Website | SoS Facebook Event (RSVP HERE) | SoS After Party Facebook Event

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Monday Links: 7-Foot Tall Jamaican Rooster Edition

We’ve had a lot of fangaming news since we’ve opened our new fangaming sub-forum.  Good.

Sonic Retro News

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Win yourself a Dreamcast hoodie by signing up for the SEGA Pass Newsletter. [SEGA Blogs]
  • The SEGA Genesis Classic Collection: Gold Edition dropped games you’ve seen 100x over on your PC last week because you haven’t played the shitty Virtua Fighter 2 Genesis port nearly enough. [SEGA Blogs]
  • Sonic 4: Episode 1 is now at a more reasonable, yet still not worth it price of 800 Microsoft points for this week (for Gold Members only). [Everybody Plays]
  • News-a-rama asks why the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series is getting a reboot. Um… uh… because the Sonic comics blow?  The cover for the upcoming “Sonic Genesis” series is just awful, by the way. [News-a-rama]
  • A short article on the importance of a silent protagonist. [Just Push Start]

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Fan Works

A Fan Game Got Released? A Finished One?

Sure, we’ve been treated to finished fan games like the excellent and wacky Eggman Hates Furries recently, but when it comes to fan games that are set out to be a classic Sonic title, those have been a rare breed.  Sonic fan gaming has been through a lot in the last decade.  We went from having no 360-degree movement to people knocking down SEGA’s door, holding up the Sonic Fan Remix demo and shouting, “THIS.”  Sonic fan games that started up in the last decade were along for the ride, moving from new engine to new engine as programmers further replicated the classic Sonic experience.  With that came heightened expectations and only a few select projects are still kickin’.

One of these games was Sonic Classic (formerly Sonic 1 PC).  If I’m counting correctly, this baby has been gestating for about 12 years now.  Bouncing from engine to engine, Hez, the game’s creator, has settled in what has been the Click-product standard for some time, Sonic Worlds.  It’s now available for you to play.

Though, be warned, many Retro members are reporting multiple glitches.  If you find some, help Hez for his 1st revision release by posting in the game’s thread in our forums.  Download the game at the links below and check out a trailer past the jump.

Sonic Classic (Full Game) | With Music
Sonic Classic (Full Game) | Without Music

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How Archie Played The Games, Part Three: Of Pink And Metal Hedgehogs

People love anniversary issues in the comic book world. Every 25 issues, something intense has to happen. Something crazy. And with the 50 and 100 marks, it has to be even bigger and crazier. Sonic the Hedgehog is no exception to this rule, and his first anniversary issue wanted to be nothing but the biggest and best. Devoting an entire issue to one story, the crew at Archie comics decided to adapt Sonic’s other “best game ever,” the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog CD. And even though it features the Knothole Freedom Fighters, I can say right now that it stays far more faithful than Sonic’s last two outings in the world of game adaptations. With that said, was it any good? Did people care? How was Sonic‘s silver anniversary when all was said and done? Read on and find out, good sirs and madams!
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Return to Little Planet 3

Going in a bold, new artistic direction, Return to Little Planet 3 brings to the table everything that has been promised to us since the beginning of the hype for Return to Little Planet 2. DavidTL, eat your heart out!

Credit to Shadix for the find.