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February 21, 2011

Fan Works

“Animated Fan Film” Preview – Thoughts, Among Other Things

After who knows how long, the first “scene” of Richard Kuta’s Sonic animated fan film has finally been released. Now, there has been quite the controversy surrounding the entire thing, which is fine. Sometimes controversy creates interest, and interest leads to views and views lead to more interest. Is that what happened this go round? Well…for the few that have been paying attention…not really. To be honest, I don’t even know if this deserves to be posted on the front page, since it’s only a minute of a movie that will likely never be finished. So before we say another word, watch the teaser. Have fun with it.

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“Songs for Sonic 2” Released for Sonic Relief Charity

Annual fundraiser Sonic Relief, which raises money for the UK charity Comic Relief, has raised nearly £600 in a month’s time–a huge jump over last year’s £375. In order to give the fundraising group an even bigger boost, Sonic remixers Mr. Stream and RadioSEGA‘s GavvieUK (aka Living Sedative) have teamed up to produce Sonic for Sonic 2, an album of Sonic-themed remixes.The first half is handled by Living Sedative and the second by Mr. Stream.

The suggested donation for download is £2 (roughly USD $3.25), though an additional amount can be donated if you want. The proceeds from the sales will be donated towards Sonic Relief. The fundraiser runs through March 19, so be sure to grab a copy of the album before then.

You can follow Sonic Relief’s progress at @sonicreliefuk. Best of luck to Doctor MK and everyone involved!