Australia, France and Spain Get A Dreamcast Vinyl

Much like the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection vinyl album given with pre-orders of the game in Australia, Sega is releasing a six-track album to commemorate the release of Dreamcast Collection in Australia, France and Spain.

Australians can get in on picking up this album if they pre-order the game at JB Hi-Fi, though Sega stresses supplies are very limited. It’s currently unknown which retailers will be offering these albums in Europe.

So what’s on the album? On side A, you’ll find “Open Your Heart” from Sonic Adventure and  “Option Remix 2002” from Space Channel 5: Part 2. Side B is nothing but crazy money, containing “Radical Sabbatical”, “Flinch”, and “Get Out” from Crazy Taxi.

Say what you will about the collection of games itself, but this is a pretty nifty pickup for Sega and music enthusiasts.

[SEGA Europe Blog]

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    I alrady have the mega drive one, i must get this one also. Definatly

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    Lack of Jet Set Radio music is a crime, even if it is not in this compilation.

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      Agreed. JGR/JSRF had one of the best soundtracks of any game I’ve ever played. Also, JGR music on vinyl? Kickass.

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    Will these be available to Americans at any point of time?

    • Reply

      It looks like the best chance is Sega of America’s blog raffling them away. They certainly teased as much.

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    One a scale of one to 10, I must have one.

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    I must get this as soon as I possibly can.

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