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February 15, 2011

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Guess the Game: Sonic 3 or Sonic 4?

So, I don’t know if you all have heard, but the Sonic community is totally horrible, you guys. But there was a magical time when the community was different! Was better! A time when the community didn’t get at each other’s throats and hate each other and be full of pointless critiques!

That time, my friends, was never. If you’ve been around long enough, you’ve seen the stupidity of the Sonic scene since day 1. Therefore, I’m challenging you all to a game. I have pulled five random forum posts and posted them below. Your job? Determine whether each of these posts were made about Sonic 4, or its predecessor, Sonic 3. Please note that I’ve edited out information that would obviously give the game in question away, but they are otherwise intact. We’ll post the solution tomorrow. Continue Reading


Australia, France and Spain Get A Dreamcast Vinyl

Much like the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection vinyl album given with pre-orders of the game in Australia, Sega is releasing a six-track album to commemorate the release of Dreamcast Collection in Australia, France and Spain.

Australians can get in on picking up this album if they pre-order the game at JB Hi-Fi, though Sega stresses supplies are very limited. It’s currently unknown which retailers will be offering these albums in Europe.

So what’s on the album? On side A, you’ll find “Open Your Heart” from Sonic Adventure and  “Option Remix 2002” from Space Channel 5: Part 2. Side B is nothing but crazy money, containing “Radical Sabbatical”, “Flinch”, and “Get Out” from Crazy Taxi.

Say what you will about the collection of games itself, but this is a pretty nifty pickup for Sega and music enthusiasts.

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