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It’s Sunday. Listen To This. Relax.

Love is in the air. Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day will be filling your lungs, and while I’m sure you’re all running about looking for that perfect gift, you should sit back and relax. Put your feet up. Have a chili dog. And listen to someone play Sonic the Hedgehog on the piano.

Sometimes I forget just how amazing the music to the first game is. Maybe someone here could use this music to propose to a loved one! Wouldn’t that be magical? Better than jumping out of a cake dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog and asking your loved one to be your Amy Rose.

Unless you’ve already done that. Then…um…god speed.

And yes, you’ve all heard it before. But it’s Sunday. Nothing new happens on a Sunday.

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    This is quite lovely, thank you for sharing it.

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    Wouldn’t asking someone to be your Amy Rose be the same thing as asking that person if you can run away from that person for the rest of your life?

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    Very similar to an old favorite video of mine:

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    Half the reason you’re a Sonic fan, right there ma’ friends.

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    I made one of these for the 19th birthday contest. I’d link it but my old alt got suspended…

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