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Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Spotted in Arcades

Spotted out in the wild (or as wild as Chuck E. Cheeses can get), we have our first look of the arcade version of Sumo Digital’s Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, already undergoing location tests around the U.S.

While it’s unlikely it’ll include any new content that the console versions don’t already carry (power drifting and items are all accounted for), the game comes with three gameplay modes set.

Time trial – Race alone to set the fastest times on each track – there are “Staff Ghosts” to beat.

Quick Race – Race and battle against others, single or multiplayer.

Grand Prix – Progress through a single player, three race championship.

Other details include the game running on Ringwide hardware and a small aesthetic of  the seat changing colors via lighting.

[Via Arcade Heroes]

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  • Reply

    Well, how convenient.

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    My favorite thing on these racing games is to beat the staff ghosts.

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    While I had some fun with Sega All Stars last year, I kind if wish they’d retool the game to where it’s not just a straight up Mario Kart clone. If it really is just Sega All Stars in an arcade machine, they’ll need to change how the game controls. It’s not very effective to play the game with a steering wheel and a button to drift.

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    Wow, I didn’t even know they made arcade games here in the US anymore!

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      That’s Sega for you. You know their origins were in America, right?

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    Please come to the Chuck E. Cheese near where I live! That would be awesome!

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    It’s nice to know that such a game is getting attention. It was a well balanced Mario Kart clone that didn’t reek of lolitrollu moments that MK Wii is known for; relying a lot more on the player actually being a much more skilled driver.

    Plus it has fucking Ryo Hazuki in it, so what’s not to like?

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    Wow. Of all Sonic games to be in an arcade. SEGA should start small and create a Mario Kart crossover like Nintendo and Namco did.

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      Can’t be done. For one. Reason. Only:
      People might say the idea’s screwed up since they have backup in the form of the Mario & Sonic Olympics games, and it may be too late to use the Triforce Arcade Board – the joint between Nintendo, Namco and Sega. Which would be preferrable, at least to me. But then again, why not take the Ring Series arcade boards and let Nintendo have new life in the arcade?

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    Holy cow I now have a reason to tag along when my sister brings her kids to Chuck E. Cheese

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    I hope they add new characters to this version, sometimes ill get bored playing the same character over and over…

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