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December 2010

Fan Works, Hacking

Sharpie Dotifier Draws Sonic the Hedgehog

DIY robotics site PyroElectro makes some pretty neat inventions: a short-range personal radar, a G-Force meter, and a tank that can follow drawn lines. Their most recent invention—the Sharpie Dotifier—is a robotic arm that can draw pictures. Of course, the logical choice of “what to draw?” is…Sonic the Hedgehog.

You can learn how to make your own Sharpie Dotifier, for those who like to mess around with electronics, at the PyroTechno website.

Humor, Miscellaneous

Sackboy Sonic Houses Sega Secrets

This is too nice to really pass up.

Earlier today, Sega of America’s intrepid team of community people opened up a box sent to them by a fan.

While this should usually set off red flags and require the assistance of the San Francisco Bomb Squad, the package contained an adorable (and slightly creepy) Sackboy version of Sonic.

But the question arises as what the blue puppet contains in its belly…

In a video recording, Fabian Doehla jokes the secret plans for Shenmue 3 are hidden inside the stuffed animal’s zippered stomach.

However, what if this little critter inherits the demonic abilities of a certain other demented stuffed toy of the series? This could mean serious trouble for Sega of America and a fan plot far more heinous than anything concocted by upset Sonic fans. It’s possible the innards of the plush contain a soul devouring black hole, much like Ghost Pokemon Dusknoir.

Sonic Retro will attempt to reach out to Sega of America, assuming they have not all been devoured by potentially demonic powers residing in the toy.

Humor, Miscellaneous

Sonic 2sday Results! …On a Thursday

So now that we’ve gotten through the “proper hacking contest” that is such a pillar of the Sonic Retro world, it’s time we moved on to the contest that really matters. That’s right…The Sonic 2sday 25 Ring Challenge. Didn’t think I forgot, did you?

Now, I’m going to say something completely obvious here: I forgot that Emerald Hill Zone used the Starlight Zone music in this early build. And after watching video after video using that music…well, it almost works. Funny how that happens. But that’s not the point. The point is, you want to know who won. Who was able to run the fastest, collect the rings, and be a true “Super Sonic Dance Attack.”

Wait that doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t matter. Moving on!

With a grand total of eleven people entering this majestic contest, the “Grand Prize” winner was…
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Game News

Sega Games Go Cheap on Apple App Store

Missed the discounts on some games for your iDevice or you just haven’t gotten around to jail breaking it? Sega wants to ease the hit on the wallet with some permanent price drops on their stuff on the App Store.

Keeping the site relevant info first, a trio of Sonic games are part of the deal with Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 both reduced to $4.99 and Sonic 4: Episode 1 down to $7.99.

The rest of the drops are down below.

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Fan Works, Miscellaneous

Ten Years Ago, A Revelation Was Upon Us [Links Updated]

We here at Sonic Retro like to celebrate whenever we get the chance. Game anniversaries, Simon Wai’s birthday (though he doesn’t invite us to his parties anymore) and whatever else that will get our minds off real life. We’re Sonic fans. We don’t take too kindly to that sort of thing. Since we love the fan community as much as it loves us, it would only make sense to celebrate the anniversary of one of the most treasured of all gaming projects. To think that we almost forgot about it!

It was ten years ago today that Jamie Bailey (you remember that guy, right?) released to the world Sonic: The Fast Revelation. Built entirely in Klik and Play and during Sonic fangaming’s infancy, S:TFR was a marvel for its time, providing a Sonic experience that is hard to forget. Though it has been overshadowed by its younger brother Sonic: Time Attacked, there is still a certain charm that can be found within. Simplistic MIDI tones that will rock your ears, enticing cinemas, the proper use of spin sound effects, and physics that are…well, let’s just say they don’t make ’em like they used to. And you get infinite lives! Not even modern Sonic games give you that.

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